Horse Racing

Everything You Need To Know About Each Way Bets

Whether you are looking to check out horse predictions, place a well-considered bet, or simply have a ‘flutter on the horses’, each way bets are something that you need to know about if you want to make the most of your stake. No need to fear the unknown – we’re here to help you make sense of each way bets so that you can make them a successful part of your bespoke betting strategy. Sit back and relax as we take you through everything you need to know about each way bets.

Horse Racing

How it works

Firstly, the concept is pretty simple – you win, even if your horse loses. Sounds impossible, right? Wrong. With an each way bet, even if your horse does not win the race, but comes in the top five (this does differ depending on the bookmaker, but in this guide we will assume that we are dealing with the top five finishers), you will see a return on your money.

When placing an each way bet you are essentially making two bets. One bet says that your chosen horse will win the race, and one bet says that your horse will finish in the top five.

The bet itself is made up of two parts: a ‘win’ bet and a ‘place’. The amount that you wager on each part of the bet is the same. So, if you lay down a stake of £20, £10 is put on the ‘win’, and £10 on the ‘place’ elements of the bet. So, £10 on the horse to win, and £10 on the horse to finish in the top five.

If your horse wins the race (the best outcome), you win both parts of the bet because by coming first, the horse is both the winner of the race, and also claims one of the top five finishing spots.

If your horse doesn’t win the race (better luck next time!), but finished in the top five, then you win the ‘place’ bet, but not the ‘win’ bet.


Each way betting is a good tactic to consider if there are  no out and out favourites to back. There is an increased chance of winning with each way bets, and this makes them a very attractive option for those who are new to the sport and are just starting to put a long term strategy together.


Of course, when the chances of winning are doubled, so are the chances of losing. An unsuccessful each way bet could see you lose more money that you might if you had favoured another type of bet.

Take it further

Once you have a handle on each way betting and how it could work for you, you can begin to consider how it can be used in collaboration with accumulators in order to harness even more fun and greater payouts. Hopefully that makes this form of betting a little easier to understand and enables you to have a go the next time you are looking to place a bet. The key thing to keep in mind, as with any form of betting that you are new to, is to start small, learn big lessons and remain in control.


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