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Fast facts about Israeli Rhythmic Gymnast Linoy Ashram

Linoy Ashram comes from Israel and she is a rhythmic gymnast. She celebrates her birthday on 13th May every year since 1999 when Ashram born.

Linoy Ashram facts to know

1. Linoy Ashram’s parents come from Yemenite-Jewish and Greek-Jewish decent.

2. She is a pet lover.

Linoy Ashram loves pet
Linoy Ashram loves pet

3. Ashram’s father is an army soldier meanwhile mother is a kindergarten teacher assistant.

4. At just 18 age, the rhythmic gymnast was included a soldier in Israel Defense Forces. Linoy used to work as a secretary in the IDF before start competing in the sport.

5. Ashram is famous for her powerful jumps and high leaps.

6. Back-bend turn on the floor with held is her signature skill that is popular as “Ashram”.

7. She is the first Israeli to win an individual all-around medal at World Championships as she claimed Bronze in 2017 event.

8. Linoy also became first national player to win gold medal in the all-round World Cup Series that took place in 2018.

9. Ashram also won gold at the Grand Prix Final and became first Israeli to do so.

10. She is the first gymnast to win successive all-around titles in a World Challenge Cup circuit in 2018.

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