Fast facts about Israeli Rhythmic Gymnast Linoy Ashram

Linoy Ashram comes from Israel and she is a rhythmic gymnast. She celebrates her birthday on 13th May every year since 1999 when Ashram born. Linoy Ashram facts to know 1. Linoy Ashram’s parents come from Yemenite-Jewish and Greek-Jewish decent….

Hima’s endorsement fee doubles after 5 golds in three weeks run

Hima Das, the golden girl from India who has won five gold medals in last three weeks, has not only raised her achievements on the track but also she’s got spike in the endorsement deals. Hima’s brand representative firm iOS…

Alicia Schmidt: Top Hot, Sexy, Gorgeous Photos of German Athlete

Alicia Schmidt is one of the youngest runners who has grown millions of fans at the start of her career. 19-year old Alicia is a Germany born athlete and she is specialized in 400-meter run. Apart from her athletic qualities,…