New Zealand scored 145 points against Japan in 1995 Rugby world cup.

11 Rugby World Cup Interesting Facts and Trivia

Rugby World Cup (RWC) is one of the most prestigious sporting event in the world after Olympics and FIFA world Cup. The inaugural edition of Rugby world cup was played in New Zealand. There are several records, facts and trivia associated with rugby world cup over the years. Let’s have look at some interesting and amazing facts about RWC.

Rugby World Cup Facts

1. First Rugby World Cup was played in 1987 which was won by Blackcaps. Before 1987, USA was regarded as the international champion in the sport as they United States had won gold medal in rugby at 1924 Summer Olympics.

2. The record of scoring most points in a rugby world cup match is attained by New Zealand as they scored 145 points against Japan in 1995 world cup.

New Zealand scored 145 points against Japan in 1995 Rugby world cup.

3. Australia holds the record of the largest winning margin in a RWC game. Wallabies defeated Namibia by 142-0 score in 2003 championship.

4. Winner of Rugby World Cup gets Webb Ellis Trophy which is named after 16-year old school going boy. It is myth that he invented the rugby sport in 1823.

5. England’s Jonny Wilkinson holds the record of scoring points in two rugby world cup finals. He scored 15 points in 2003 and 6 points in 2007 world cup finals respectively. He also scored 277 points which is most by any player in the history of competition.

6. Jason Leonard played most number of matches in rugby world cup as he played 22 RWC games for England before retiring.
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Jason Leonard played 22 rugby world cup matches for England.

7. New Zealand player Jonah Lomu is the youngest to play a Rugby World Cup final. He played 1995 world cup final against South Africa at the age of 20 years and 159 days.

8. Uruguay’s Diego Ormaechea holds the record of being oldest player ever in the history of Rugby World Cup. He played 1999 tournament as captain of the Uruguayan team. That time he was 40 years and 26 days old.

9. Australia holds to record of most tries (22) in a single match. Australia achieved this record in 2003 world cup against Namibia.

10. A rugby world cup defending champion has never defeated the title ever.

11. New Zealand’s Grant Fox has got most points in a single world cup of rugby. He scored 126 points in 1987 tournament.


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