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USA Sportsbooks’ Best Bet Types Explained

Are you new to sports betting?

If you want to step into the world of wagering, then you need clarification about some things. In this post, we break down the types of betting for you. Once you go through our guide, things will be much more apparent. You will get to know more about the different types of bets. If you don’t know how to use the parlay bet and what is the purpose of points spread, be sure to read until the end!

Horse Racing


This type of betting is the simplest form. You get to pick the winning team. Then, you place the bet accordingly. If the final result is a push, you will get back your stake. When there is an identical result without a draw, you don’t win or lose. The stake is refunded. However, it all depends on the game. If there is an option to draw, then you might not get refunded. Some sports like soccer already include an option for the draw.

Points spread

The points spread is used to even out the odds when two unevenly matched teams play. Betting on the spread is commonly used in football betting. The teams are given a point. This can be subtracted or added to the final result. What does this mean for you?

Simple, by betting on the spread, you get better chances of winning than on the moneyline. The points handicap will help you score a win. 

What happens when the spread results in a tie? The result is a push. As we already explained, your stake will get refunded. If you don’t want a tie, there is one thing to do. Look for a spread that has half points. This means that no matter the results, there will be winners and losers. 

Preposition bet

Prop bets are also called specials. It is a proposition that you can or can’t do something that you put a bet on. This type of bet became extremely popular after the Superbowl show. The bet isn’t about the result of the game, as other bets. It allows you to place a wager on a specific player or event during the game. Basically, proposition bet is a term that gathers all the bets, excluding the moneyline, total, and point spread. Check websites like for more betting tips to help you.


A parlay is a bet that links two or more different bets. Basically, you have more than two bets combined in one. The advantage is that it is very flexible. This allows you to easily out a few different sports into one bet. If all the teams score a win, your parlay bet is winning. 

You can include props bet, moneyline, totals, or point spread. You get to bet on different games rather than an individual game. This will bring a large payout. However, this comes with a downside. You need to make sure that you avoid picking loose games. If you get in a situation where one of the legs loses, this means that the complete parlay loses. 

Future betting

A futures bet is any type of bet that you place on a future event. Big sports events and championships are popular for wagering. For example, you can bet on the Super Bowl or Soccer World Cup winner. The outcome of the bet will be known in the distant future. 

Final words

Now when you know the best bet types, you can put them to good use. Explore the possibilities and apply the one that works the best for the specific situation.


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