Tata IPL Trophy

What makes the IPL the most anticipated Cricket Event in the Calendar Year?

Cricket fans are mad about the IPL. The league attracts the biggest names in Cricket, as well as widespread viewership from nations like South Africa, Australia, the UK, New Zealand as well as India of course.
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Tata IPL Trophy
Photo: Tata IPL Trophy

But what is it about this league that has catapulted it into being the most anticipated cricketing event on all fans’ calendars? The world’s leading cricket nations all have national cricket leagues, but none receive as much hype as the IPL.

Below are some of the reasons The IPL is the biggest cricketing league in the world:

The Most Lucrative Cricket League in the World

The IPL is by far the most lucrative cricket league in the world. The money that is generated, as well as spent on bringing in the biggest names in cricket outweighs any other cricket tournament in the world.

The league’s ability to generate revenue has sustained record breaking growth since its inception in 2008, and shows no signs of slowing down.

Teams are owned by some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in India, and across the globe, which has fuelled the extremely competitive nature of the tournament, and it feels that with each and every passing year, the stakes are raised.

Aside from investment, the league generates incredible revenue from ticket sales, merchandise sales, and various sponsorship deals.

As a result, it is expected that the IPL will continue to grow, leaving all other competitions behind.

Attracts The Most Talent

Prior to its inception in 2008, cricket players were proudest when representing their countries, and their provincial teams.

This is no longer the case. The measure of a rich and bountiful cricketing career is whether or not the player has had a stint with one of the fourteen teams that competes in the IPL.

Some of the world’s leading cricket players aim to sign IPL contracts, and are willing to relocate with their families for the duration of the tournament in order to participate.

Teams in the IPL are almost always composed of players from around the globe, which is something this league has over any other.

Attracts Plenty of Sponsorships

If you’re a company in India, or any other big cricketing nation, a marketing masterstroke would be for you to attempt to sponsor a team in the IPL. The IPL is one of the competitions that has the ability to catapult a brand into the stratosphere.

Companies like TATA, Vivo, Pepsi and Dream11 have all sponsored either the competition itself, or a number of teams that compete.

More indirectly, online betting sites in India sponsor the IPL extensively on their platforms, by creating exclusive offers for betting on the competition, which in turn generates enormous revenue.

Look and Feel of the Tournament

The IPL’s general approach is one that no other cricket league has followed. Teams are given fun pop culture referenced names, kits are elaborate and easy on the eye, and the IPL auction at the beginning of the season is always a hit.

Other competitions take a more traditional approach, but the IPL has proven that a new spin on cricket’s most exciting format is the way to go. With the IPL getting ready for take off, India, as well as the other huge cricketing nations are waiting with bated breath to see who will lift the trophy at the end of the competition.


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