Bairstow, Stokes won 2nd ODI for England against India chasing 337

Why Buttler and England are set for success in the T20 World Cup

England has struggled in their latest fixtures, this includes Jos Buttler who has been disappointing especially with his batting. As the co-captain, he wants to be a better example for the rest of the team. With the T20 World Cup coming up, Buttler wants to improve.
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Bairstow, Stokes won 2nd ODI for England against India chasing 337

Since Buttler had to be with his wife for the birth of their daughter, Jonny Bairstow stepped in as the caretaker. Bairstow did not have the best of performances which have led to England’s struggles as of late. The fans were disappointed but they understand Buttler had to be with his wife.

When you look at the stats, you might see Buttler being the centre of attention since he’s such a key cog in the system. People who are betting on Simulated Reality League games will favour England in every match since they are loaded. However, injuries and other health factors have played a role in their struggles which has led to the Three Lions’ issues.

Buttler has stayed home for some of England’s fixtures against India recently and he saw some of the issues that can’t be seen when on the pitch. This is a good perspective to have since he wants to be a good leader for the team to help support team captain Joe Root.

Expectations are high for Buttler

Since he is one of the Three Lions’ best players, you can expect that expectations are high for Buttler. He has struggled as of late which gives him even more reasons to perform better. He needs to step up because the rest of the team depends on him to be a vocal leader alongside his duties on the pitch.

Root knows that his co-captain has struggled but he is familiar with him enough to know that Buttler can bounce back in a big way. The captain said, ‘Certainly, I haven’t played my best by a long stretch. Certain things have been cancelled, picking up an injury but you as a player have to put the work in, to train hard and give yourself the best chance when you get in the middle, to be there for a long period of time’.

Since Buttler has also seen England from a different perspective, you should expect that he will have some surprising insights for the team. He knows England is one of the best teams in the world and Buttler wants to set the standard for performances. He will be fresh off a long layoff but you can expect him to perform at his best level since he loves being the key player.

England is prepared for top-level competition

The T20 World Cup will be held from mid-October to mid-November in Oman. England will be a top contender since they always step up in these international events. Buttler is set to return soon which means he can build momentum for that event. The rest of the team agrees with him as they made the T20 World Cup their biggest priority.

Some England stalwarts like Chris Woakes have indicated that they won’t play in domestic leagues because they want to focus on preparing for the World Cup. This is a big deal because it shows that England is focused just like in 2019 when they won the Cricket World Cup.

Woakes talked about how big this event is for him and the rest of the England squad. He said, ‘A World Cup and an Ashes tour, it’s almost as big a winter as our summer was in 2019. It’s a shame with what’s going on COVID(19-wise) that it’s not going to be as normal as everyone would like. But, from a cricket perspective, it’s very exciting’.

Buttler will be a key member of that T20 squad

Buttler is one of the players who are most excited for the T20 World Cup. He wants to perform at a high level because he needs to redeem himself from his disappointing performances as of late. He knows that he is a top player in the England system and he’s embracing the responsibilities of being a star player.

Buttler himself is excited for the rest of the team because he knows all of them are talented enough for the big stage. He indicated that the names on the team sheet are great players.

When this squad is completely healthy, you can expect them to win. Fans who are betting on Simulated Reality League games favour them to win with a complete squad which should be enough to convince you.


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