Faulkner expecting words exchange in semi-final against India.
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Faulkner expecting words exchange in semi-final against India

Australian all-rounder James Faulkner has mentioned that he is expecting some firing words on the ground on 26 March, 2015 in the second semi-final of world cup at Sydney Cricket Ground. He said in an interview that sledging is always been a part of cricket and it is necessary for the prospects of match. And obviously it gives fun and enjoyment to cricket fans and followers.

Faulkner expecting words exchange in semi-final against India.

James Faulkner said, “There’s going to be words said and it’s going to be a really tough contest. I think there always is (sledging) in the game, if there isn’t you’ve got problems. It’s the nature of the game, it’s a semi-final. Cut throat. Neither team will be backing down.”

This is going to be big occasion on Thursday as its semi-final match of cricket world cup and both teams will be looking to win at any cost. Australian and Indian Supporters will be cheering for their side to qualify in the final. Faulkner mentioned that though team India is playing outside the home, but they always get some great number of fans behind them wherever they play.

James Faulkner said, “The passion the Indian fans show towards their cricket team is sensational, so we’re definitely expecting that. The last game we played against India here was a washout and the fans were unbelievable in the way they supported.”

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All-rounder Faulkner also said that Indian team is much familiar with conditions and they have been playing in Australia from past 4 months. This will help India in 2nd semifinal of 2015 world cup at SCG. He said, “They’ve spent a fair bit of time in the country, so they’ve adapted well to the conditions … it should be a good spectacle.”


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