VVS Laxman faiths India to beat Australia in world cup semi-final.
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Laxman faiths India to beat Australia in world cup semi-final

Veteran Indian cricketer VVS Laxman has believed that India can beat Australia in 2015 world cup’s semifinal match on 26 March. He said in an interview with NDTV that bowling has been good so far for team India in the tournament and if the bowl like the way they have been, they can trouble Australian side which is not in so good form.

VVS Laxman faiths India to beat Australia in world cup semi-final.

Laxman said, “If Indian bowlers, especially the seamers, bowl the way they have been doing, they can put pressure on the Australian batsmen. It will be a good contest but I think India can beat the Australians in the semifinal.”

Australia was in pressure against Pakistan when they lost 3 wickets on 59 runs while chasing 214. So former Indian middle order batsman feels that this can advantage India in crucial knockout at SCG.

VVS said, “against Pakistan, the Australian batsmen were under severe pressure. Except for Steven Smith, all the Aussie batsmen were out of sorts.
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They (the Aussie batsmen) have not handled the pressure, especially from Wahab Riaz, properly. It is encouraging sign for India.”

Laxman also mentioned that Rohit Sharma’s no-ball decision in quarterfinal against Bangladesh was an unlucky decision. He said umpires doesn’t do such kind of decisions intentionally, it’s a part of game. VVS also mentioned that ICC President’s comment wasn’t appropriate about officials.

“There is no doubt that Bangladesh were unlucky to have the ‘no-ball’ decision gone against them. Their emotional reaction was understandable. But to say that the umpires gave the decision in favour of India intentionally to ensure that India win the match was wrong.”

“No umpire give such decisions intentionally. His (Kamal’s) statement was unfortunate. Such things happen in cricket and will continue to happen. The issue has been blown out of proportion,” Laxman added.


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