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Harry Hopman’s widow Lucy Hopman to miss 2015 hopman cup

Davis Cup legend Harry Hopman’s 94-years old widow Harry hopman will not be taking part in 2015 event as she is not able to travel from the United States to Australia.
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This is the first occasion in past 26 years when she won’t be awarding the winner of hopman cup in 2015 at Perth Arena, Australia.
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This is the 27th edition of Hopman cup. The tournament was initiated to pay tribute to the legend Harry Hopman.

Lucy Hopman to miss 2015 hopman cup tournament due to the fact she can't travel from the United States to Australia.

Lucy Hopman had been presenting trophies to winners since 1989 when she first time awarded hopman cup to Czechoslovakia Helena Sukova and Miloslav Mecir. In past few years Lucy had given trophies to some great tennis legends Steffi Graf (1993), Boris Becker (1995), Martina Hingis and Roger Federer (2001) and Serena Williams in 2003 and 2008. Serena is a part of hopman cup XXVII.

Tournament director and hopman cup co-founder Paul McNamee has paid tribute to 94 year old Lucy for her exceptional 26 trips to Perth from her home Florida. He said, “Yes she felt that responsibility, but on the other hand it was a responsibility she embraced. I believe it was also a labour of love for her. If there was royalty for the tournament, it was Mrs Hopman. It’s certainly a touch of sadness if she’s not coming.”

McNamee said, “Charlie Fancutt and I, and IMG, had both gone to Mrs Hopman and she said that Mr Hopman, who was very fond of Charlie and I, would have wanted us to be honouring him.”

“It’s hard to explain, but she added a touch of class to the tournament that a tournament like that could really do with. She felt like she really became an honorary West Australian. She really felt like she belonged and it became her second home. She loved the warmth and the welcome she would get from ordinary West Australians who would recognise her,” he added.

Still it is not confirmed that who will represent the hopman cup 2015 to the winner on the behalf of Lucy hopman. Current competition’s director Paul Kilderry said, “She’s such an iconic part of the event, it will be a little strange her not being there but she’s certainly wishing us the best.”

2015 Hopman Cup will begin from January 4.

Source: Perthnow.com.au

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