FIFA Women's World Cup Trophy
FIFA Women's World Cup

Interesting facts about FIFA Women’s World Cup

Football’s biggest governing council FIFA introduced world cup tournament for women’s to boost female interest in the sport and promoting women’s game. Women’s football world cup takes place in every four years since 1992 when the first edition of competition was held.

FIFA Women's World Cup Trophy
FIFA Women’s World Cup Trophy

Next edition of FIFA Women’s world cup is scheduled to take place in 2023. Let’s checkout some amazing facts, figures and stats about ladies soccer world championship.

FIFA Women’s World Cup Facts

1. The inaugural edition of FIFA Women’s world cup was held in China in 1991. The tournament was popular as FIFA Women’s World Championship then.

2. United States is the most successful team of women’s world cup finals as they won 4 trophies in held 8 championships.

3. In 1988, unofficial women’s world cup took place in China to see the potential of women’s game. 12 teams competed in that event and Norway beat Sweden in the final to win tournament. Competition seemed successful as opening game between China and Canada was witnessed by 45,000 people meanwhile average audience was 20,000 throughout the testing women’s world championship.

4. A total of 12 teams contested in 1991 women’s world cup and USA beat Norway in the final to clinch title.

5. American footballer Brandi Chastain created famous moment in the history of women’s world cup in 1999 tournament final when she took off her jersey and showed her muscular torso and sports bra to celebrate penalty kick against China. She waived off t-shirt over head just like men’s do in the celebration.

Brandi Chastain took off t-shirt during 1999 women's world cup final
Brandi Chastain took off t-shirt during 1999 women’s world cup final

6. FIFA shifted 2003 event from China to United States of America because of SARS epidemic.

7. In 2015, FIFA increased teams participation in women’s world cup from 16 to 24. However football’s international council declared that from 2023, 32 teams will be competing in women’s FIFA world cup.

8. 1999 women’s world cup final match attracted most number of fans in a single women’s sporting event as 90,185 spectators witnessed the final at Rose Bowl stadium in California.

9. America’s Christie Pearce is the oldest female footballer ever to play in FIFA World Cup match at the age of 40 years.

10. Brazil’s Formiga holds the record of appearing in most FIFA world cups as she played 7 tournaments till 2019. Japan’s Homare Sawa also appeared in six events till 2015. No male or female player appeared in 6 tournaments before.

11. FIFA introduced FIFA Champions Badge in 2007. Badge is worn by the champion team until the winners of next world cup has been decided.

12. Women’s World Cup trophy is made of sterling silver clad in 23-karat yellow and white gold. It weighs of 4.6 kg (10 lb) and is 47 cm (19 inches) tall.

13. United States holds the longest streak of three successive FIFA women’s world cup finals as they appeared in 2011, 2015 and 2019 finals.

14. Nearly 23 million viewers watched FIFA women’s world cup 2015 final on tv which was the most watched football match in the American history. The number of viewers was more than the viewership of 2015 NBA finals and Stanley cup.
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15. United States is the only team to win FIFA women’s world cup as debuting side in 1991.

16. Brazil’s Marta holds the record of scoring most goals in FIFA world cup as she scored 17 goals till now in her 5 world cup appearances between 2003 and 2019.

17. Amercia’s Kristine Lilly played the most number of matches in women’s world cup as she represented country in 30 games.

18. Argentina women’s team are yet to win single world cup match in the history.


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