Konya Plummer from Jamaica Football team
FIFA Women's World Cup

Jamaica women football captain Plummer used to play soccer, cricket with boys

Jamaican women’s national football team captain Konya Plummer who will be leading the country at 2019 FIFA women’s world cup in France, has said that she used to play with boys football, cricket and other sports with her male friends and cousins in the childhood. She told in an interview to FIFA that playing games with boys helped her to play aggressive and bold soccer.

Konya Plummer from Jamaica Football team
Konya Plummer from Jamaica Football team

“My aggressiveness came from being around them all the time, because when you play with boys you can either be strong or weak, and if you’re weak, they are not going to give you a game. I had to be strong to keep playing, because when I was 13, they would take my ball, and I’d have to sit and watch. But when I was 14 or 15, I was like, ‘I can’t sit and watch anymore,’ which is when I got fitter and stronger physically and mentally. You had to stand out for them to give you a game,” Plummer said.

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She played a lot of games during her childhood when she was about 13 to 15 years and playing games with males, she realized that she could do better in football and she should focus only on soccer.

“I was on the field and I [tackled] this boy, which created a lot of excitement. It was one of those moments where everyone just went ‘ooooh,’ and from that moment something in me just made me realise that this is what I want to do. From then on, I started making my own decisions, and I knew I made the right one.”

Konya Plummer is just 21 years old and one of the young captains at 2019 women’s football world cup. Hence she is excited to lead the national side at such a big stage. The occasion is special as well as Jamaica team will be appearing for the first time in a FIFA Women’s World Cup.

“Just thinking about captaining my country at such a young age is crazy, but I believe I was chosen because of my personality and hard work. I love people, I can be around people all day. I like positivity. Qualifying for the Women’s World Cup for the first time isn’t just important for Jamaica, but for the whole of the Caribbean. Every time I think about it, I just keep thinking, ‘You did that… We did that’,” Jamaican captain Konya mentioned.

Plummer is not only thinking about playing world cup but she is focusing to make country and whole Caribbean region proud of the team.

“If people in Jamaica think you can go far, they support you. Listening to all my people when we are on the field, especially in the recent games we had against Chile, has been great and I feel like they are with us. We just want to do Jamaica and the Caribbean proud.”

Jamaica is placed in Group-C and will be playing Brazil, Italy and Australia in the FIFAWWC group matches. It’s not an easy task for Koya & Co. to beat such top class teams like Italy and Brazil in the competition but yes they can surprise the teams and can beat any side on their day.


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