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Top 5 Richest Premier League club owners

Football is the most popular sport in the world as well as football club owners are the richest people. If someone is going to achieve great success in the modern world great money is necessary. Football is not the exception, especially when we speak about Top World Championships, such as British Premier League.

Premier League Club's Wage Bills

According to data provided by a competent source your sports betting site Parimatch England Soccer Championship is #1 in 2020 as for the number of rich club owners. Here is the short review of people who successfully invest their money in such a way.

Top 5 richest Premier League club owners

Despite the fact that the world richest clubs in 2020 are Spanish Barcelona and Real, British Championship remains the wealthiest national league. This is because of the general number of billionaire businessmen who invest in The Premier League clubs. Moreover, the statistics is not similar with the «Top Richest Clubs».

It shows the fortune of the owners but not of their clubs. So, let’s overview the list of richest people who own British football clubs in 2020. Pay attention that the information is actual for May, 2020. However, business does not stand still and the situation can change at any time.

1. Sheikh Mansour, Manchester City, USD 20 bn.

Member of the ruling royal family of the emirate Abu Dhabi is not only the famous political figure and prospective businessman. Due to his passion for sports he is the chairman of Emirates Horse Racing Authority. Football is his favourite sport too.

That’s why Sheikh Mansour bought Manchester City in 2008 and invested millions in this club. As a result, his club won the Championship 4 times in 2011 – 2019 periods. Moreover, after many years of Manchester United leadership fans can agree that Man City became #1 Manchester club.

2. Roman Abramovich, Chelsea, USD 11.9 bn.

Famous Russian ex-politics and businessmen with Russian and Israel citizenship started investments in Chelsea in 2003. He spent a lot of money, and his efforts yielded excellent results. Abramovich Chelsea won the Premier League 5 times.

Moreover the club took 4 silver and 4 bronze medals. A lot of winnings were in international tournaments, too. Especially the club won UEFA Champions League in 2012.

3. Enos Stanley Kroenke, Arsenal, USD 9.9 bn.

American billionaire Enos Stanley «Stan» Kroenke is famous with his sports activities. In his native country he owns NBA Denver Nuggets, MLS Colorado Rapids, NFL Los Angeles Rams, and NHL Colorado Avalanche. Arsenal is one of Kroenke’s foreign investments.

Despite the fact that he mostly owns Gunners remotely through his Kroenke Sports and Entertainment Company, the club made some success during these years.

4. Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha’s family, Leicester City, USD 6 bn.

Famous Thailand businessman owned Leicester in 2010. After some years of hard work he achieved unexpected result. The club from provincial town of about 340,000 citizens won the Premier League in 2016.

After Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha’s tragically death in helicopter crash the members of his family continue Leicester City ownership. They hope to repeat the highest achievement of the club.

5. Daniel Levy & Joe Lewis, Tottenham Hotspur, USD 6 bn.

Joe Lewis is the main owner of Tottenham with about 70% of stocks. However, when someone talks about this club’s achievements, Daniel Levy is mentioned, too. In fact, it is this co-owner who is the main think tank of Spurs since 2001.

So, this pair achieved success due to coordination of Lewis’ investments and Levy’s ideas. The result is perfect — today Tottenham Hotspur is one of the most powerful APL clubs.


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