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FIFA World Cup 2026

2026 FIFA World Cup will be 23rd edition of FIFA World Cup. The host of competition will be confirmed in 2020. The 2026 football world cup is going to be the biggest event ever as 48-teams to play in the championship for the first time.

Bidding Process

Bidding process to be resumed in 2020 after corruption charges in the bidding process of previous world cup tournaments. Canada, United States, Mexico, Colombia, Australia-New Zealand, Kazakhstan, Turkey are the potential and interested bidders for 2026 FIFA world Cup.


It will be first occasion when 48-teams to take participation in a FIFA World Cup 2026 as on 10 January 2017, FIFA President Gianni Infantino confirmed the addition of new 16 teams to prestigious football event. During 67th FIFA Congress in Bahrain, FIFA Council approved slots for teams to compete in the tournament. Number of teams was upgraded for all six football confederations.

The following image represents 48-teams allocation for 2026 world cup.

48-teams slot allocation for FIFA World Cup

48-teams slot allocation for FIFA World Cup

Union of European Football Associations once again leading number of teams in the mega football event as 16 countries from UEFA confederation will play in the tournament. Confederation of African Football (CAF) got confirmed 25% increase in the no. of teams as their number boost from 5 to 9.5.

Confederation Number of Teams from 2026 World Cup Teams before 2026 world cup
AFC 8 4.5
CAF 9 5
OFC 1 0.5
UEFA 16 13
Playoff 2
Total Teams 48 32+1 Host


There will be 16 groups in FIFA World Cup 2026 and each will consist of 3 national football teams.

  1. Group A
  2. Group B
  3. Group C
  4. Group D
  5. Group E
  6. Group F
  7. Group G
  8. Group H
  9. Group I
  10. Group J
  11. Group K
  12. Group L
  13. Group M
  14. Group N
  15. Group O
  16. Group P


The schedule of 2026 world cup will be announced in the near future.

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