Ranchi and Cuttack to host Maharashtra's IPL 2016 matches.

5 Reasons why Betting on Cricket is better than Playing Online Casino

Cricket is the national sport in India and is riding a wave of popularity further afield. There is increased interest across the world as the shorter forms of the game continue to provide drama and excitement. But there’s another factor that can further boost the excitement for cricket fans, and that’s betting.
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Ranchi and Cuttack to host Maharashtra's IPL 2016 matches.

Having a bet on the cricket shouldn’t just be considered a way to make money, but also a way to enhance a fan’s interest. When you compare the activities of gambling in an online casino and cricket betting with an online bookmaker, it becomes obvious that there a few similarities but also vast differences.

In this article we are going to take a look at 5 reasons why cricket betting can be considered a better way to gamble. That’s not to say that playing online casino in India doesn’t have its place, but we think cricket is king!

Skill involved

Let’s be honest, casino is a game of pure chance. There is some strategy involved in games like Poker, but any casino game where you are playing against the house, you have to be lucky to win. Whereas cricket betting requires a lot of skill. Don’t get us wrong, you can get lucky and sometimes need some luck when placing a bet on the cricket. But if you do your research, and are selective about the bets you make, you will be a lot more successful.

Anybody who has a good knowledge of the game can transfer this into gambling and a profitable staking plan and strategy. That leads us nicely on to our next reason – gaining an edge.

Gain an edge

If you are to be profitable over a long period of time in any form of gambling you need to find an edge over the casino or bookmaker. Famously, the house always wins when it comes to casino, which means betting on cricket is where we can gain an edge.

If you think an odds compiler has priced up a cricket match wrong then that’s when you have to pounce. It’s important to remember that this is a long term strategy. If you consistently place a cricket bet on an outcome which has odds bigger than they should be, you will win over time.

Natural breaks

It’s no secret that gambling, if done in excess, can be unhealthy and dangerous. For this reason, the great thing about cricket betting is that it’s not available 24/7. There are natural breaks between games and tournaments which give you some time to take a break from gambling.

On the other hand, online casinos are open all day, every day and can provide a dangerous environment for someone if they don’t have full control of their gambling habits.

More sociable

It’s certainly more sociable to have a bet on the cricket and go to the stadium or a bar to watch the game. You can discuss what’s happening with your mates and everyone is interested. Even if you lose you will still likely have had a good day out. Whereas, the enjoyment in playing casino is much more closely related to your profit and loss.

Get more of a run for your money

If you bet on one of the most popular markets in cricket, like match prices or over/under runs you are going to get a good run for your money. Even if your bet loses it will provide you with some enjoyment and excitement for the majority of a match. With many casino games, you’ll get only a matter of seconds from each wager placed; the time it takes for a roulette wheel to spin or a slot machine to turn.

The quicker a bet is settled the more chance you have to place another one. In some ways this could be considered a good thing, but it can also lead to harmful betting patterns. You could lose an awful lot of money in only a few minutes. Stick to longer term bets in cricket!

In conclusion, we think there is a place in society for both cricket betting and playing online casino. But we think cricket betting can be more enjoyable, a healthier form of gambling and more likely to allow you to win money over the long term.


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