Cricket pitch length never changed.

Did you know that you can bet on cricket online from India?

Cricket is an exciting sport that has been around since the 18th century. Though some people believed that cricket had been played earlier around the 16th century, it still boiled down to the fact the sport has been around for a while.

Cricket pitch length never changed.

Interestingly, betting on cricket, like every other sport, is popular and comes with its thrills. Betting is a common practice in the world of sports, so far sports are being played, bets are staked. And fans who have a passion for the sport and understand the betting odds of the game enjoy staking their bets on cricket.

Online Cricket Betting

As a popular game played in several countries in United Kingdoms, Australia, Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean, cricket is the sport with largest fanbase in India. And this means all through the year there are loads of online betting options on cricket. More so, with the advent of technology, bets on cricket are quickly wagered on mobile and desktop devices. 

Online betting on cricket is similar to that of other sports in that the operators understand the ins and outs of the business. And for you to win against the bookmakers, you have to know how to analyze cricket betting odds. The truth is, relying on your guts on matches without proper analyses will only make fall in the category of other bettors who lose loads of money to operators. Beyond the substantial winning opportunities on cricket betting, fans can as well bet only for the thrill of betting and fun of the game.

Cricket Betting Markets

Regardless of the types of cricket game from regional cup finals, cricket world cup, international test matches or Twenty20 one day showdowns, you can bet as you wish. The world cricket betting markets offer several options betting, including live cricket betting. The several leagues and tournaments you can analyze and stake include:

  • Indian Premier League (IPL)
  • One Day Internationals (ODI)
  • Test Matches
  • Marsh One-Day Cup
  • County Championship
  • Caribbean Premier League (CPL)
  • ICC Champions Trophy
  • County Championship div 1
  • ICC Cricket World Cup
  • County Championship div 2
  • ICC World Twenty20 tournament (World T20)
  • Twenty20 Big Bash
  • NatWest T20 Blast
  • Women International Twenty20 Matches

Are you interested in participating in one or more of the ongoing leagues in the cricket betting markets we have mentioned above? Check out the Caribbean Premier League (CPL), Test Matches, Marsh One-Day Cup, One Day Internationals (ODI), International Twenty20 Matches, and the Women International Twenty20 Matches to stake your bets.


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