5 Things should be introduced from 2016 edition of IPL.
Indian Premier League

5 Things should be introduced from 2016 edition of IPL

With the shorter version of the game attracting more and more viewers, it is eminent that changes need to be bought about so as to keep the quality of cricket improving and also to increase the viewership across the world. The IPL has become an annual sporting event to the cricket loving nation of India. It is the most viewed cricketing league across the world and needs to retain its quality so as to retain its popularity.

5 Things should be introduced from 2016 edition of IPL.

With the number of T20 league across the world increasing in number, it is important for the IPL as an organization to bring about changes for the good and stir things up in order to attract more and more audience towards it. Here are 5 changes that can be made to make IPL even better than what it is at the moment.

5 Things should be in IPL 2016

Number of foreign players

The IPL was formed so as to give the young Indian players a chance to perform beside their stars, in front of huge crowds. But most of its popularity is due to the international players who light up the field with exquisite talents on display. Gayle, AB, McCullum, Warner have all made the league more exiting and it has in-turn improved the quality of cricket in India’s domestic circuit.

With the cap on international players in the squad at 9 and players in starting XI at 4, the IPL teams can be more competitive if the number in the starting XI is increase to 5. This will automatically improve the quality on the field and will give the IPL a whole new series of moments to remember.

Uncapped Players

As we have already discussed, the main objective of the IPL was to give the required exposure to young talents in India and give them a chance to shine in front of huge crowds. Despite the game being as short as it is, it gives the players a complete new dimension to their game and helps them improve as individuals.

And with every franchise coming into every game trying to get the maximum out of it, not many teams have given chances to uncapped players as it more or less lessens the strength of the squad. In this scenario, it would be great to see if playing an uncapped player was a compulsion. It lends more balance to the squads in the league and also gives the young players consistent chances to prove themselves.

Rain Interruptions

The biggest enemy to a close game is usually the heavens opening up without any notice. Rain has ruined many games that could have turned out to be deciders for the team’s futures. Even in the last season of the IPL, rain washed out as many as 4 matches and a lot of them were shortened.

What the hierarchy can do in these situations is to increase the cut off time at which the game starts losing over’s.
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The games that start at 4:00 pm have a lot of time to be finished and the 60 minute mark after which the game starts losing over’s (120 for play offs) can be increased considerably, as the game in the night runs till around 12. This will give the rain, a less chance to play spoil sport in the middle of a match.


Though the DRS has its own flaws, it is an ever improving technological advancement in the game and it is high time that the BCCI accepts the Decision Review System which is already used by many nations. The BCCI will do well to get the system into the IPL so as to reduce the number of umpiring blunders. This will make sure that matches with great importance on the league will not be decided by a blunder from an ignorant umpire.

Another thing that should be done is to get back to using the NRR of the teams tied on points instead of the number of wins in the leagues. With the IPL usually having 3 matches on an average washed out every year, the number of wins will not depict a proper picture and it is better to use the more old school way of comparing the NRR’s of the teams.

The Cheerleaders

The glamour lent by the cheerleaders in the richest league is not without its own sets of problems. The IPL has seen the use of cheerleaders to celebrate any positive outcome on the field to their respective teams.
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But the cheerleaders have often found themselves in awkward situations with the crowds and have already spoken about their discomfort.

With match fixing allegations, secret scandals, after match parties and a whole range of issues that the league already has to deal with, the cheerleaders can be done away with, before another scandal arises involving them. It might be safe to say that the popularity of the league will not be affected by the absence of cheerleaders. So the BCCI may well have to ban the employment of cheerleaders by various teams.


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