Hockey women's world cup winners, runners up
Women's Hockey

Women’s Hockey World Cup Winners, Runners-up List

The inaugural edition of hockey women’s world cup was organized by France in 1974. Netherlands defeated Argentina women in the final of 1974 world cup to become first champion of women’s hockey world cup. Since then 13 editions of Women’s world cup for hockey have been concluded and next event is being played in England in 2018.
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Hockey women's world cup winners, runners up
Hockey women’s world cup winners, runners up

Netherlands is the most successful team of Women’s Hockey World Cup tournament as they have won most titles [8] than any other nation. Australia, Argentina and Germany are also the winners of 2-2 hockey women’s world championship. Let’s have a look at the complete list of winners and runners up in hockey women’s world cup.

Women’s Hockey World Cup Winners, Runners-up

1974 France Netherlands Argentina 1-0
1976 West Germany West Germany Argentina 2-0
1978 Spain Netherlands West Germany 1-0
1981 Argentina West Germany Netherlands 1-1 [3-1 Penalty Strokes]
1983 Malaysia Netherlands Canada 4-2
1986 Netherlands Netherlands West Germany 3-0
1990 Australia Netherlands Australia 3-1
1994 Ireland Australia Argentina 2-0
1998 Netherlands Australia Netherlands 3-2
2002 Australia Argentina Netherlands 1-1 [4-3 Penalty Strokes]
2006 Spain Netherlands Australia 3-1
2010 Argentina Argentina Netherlands 3-1
2014 Netherlands Netherlands Australia 2-0
2018 England Netherlands Ireland 6-0

Who will win 2022 women’s hockey world cup? Share your views in the comment area.
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