Premier League Club's Wage Bills

Football 2020 Season: Latest Premier League Transfer Rumours

The Premier League season is back and Football fans around the world could not be happier. With several televised events out there for the Premier League as well as the FA cup, there is plenty for fans to look forward to. Whether you have been following the sport for years or you are new to the sport during this lull of television programs there is plenty for you to look forward to.

Premier League Club's Wage Bills

With this in mind, as the season begins to heat up, so to do the rumours surrounding the league as a whole. To help you stay up to date, we have compiled a list of some of the latest premier league rumours.   

Chelsea To Sign Havertz For Next Season

Frank Lampard as the coach of the Blues is making a huge amount of change in the 2020 season as this year’s transfer window draws ever closer. With a deal all wrapped up for Werner for a total of £47.5m the teams are at the front of the queue for the potential signing of Havertz in the coming weeks. This is set to be a huge gain for the team that has several other players in its sites at the end of this season.

Arsenal & Man United Set Sites On Cengiz

Manchester United has joined the race to sign the star Roma player Cengiz next season. With a possible £27 million fee on the line for both clubs, this is set to change the side for either team that ends up with the successful signing.

With an amazing skill set and outstanding performance during his time at Roma, it is no surprise to many that these two huge Premier League clubs are watching intently with the hopes of signing him in the next transfer window.

Tottenham Looking To Target Thiago Silva

Thiago Silva is a player that has been one of the best in every league that he has been playing in and is in the sites for the new Tottenham signing. He is currently at the top of the clubs wish list and is one that many of the fans will want to see in a Tottenham shirt at the beginning of the next season and are using SBO and the likes to look for the best sites to place bets on the most popular rumours.

According to the Sun newspaper, Jose Mourinho sees the 35-year-old as a key component in helping to boost the defensive capability of the team moving forward.  

Chelsea Pursuing Goalkeeper Roman Burki

Another major potential signing for Chelsea is the ongoing pursuit for Roman Burki. With the hopes of helping to improve their line of defence, many fans out there do not think that this will not help in the long term.

With goalkeepers on the squad failing to live up to the expectation of several other players out there, Chelsea is going to have to do more in the long term to better their defences and bring them higher up the league table. But with so many more left to be done and several signings ready for the future, this could be the beginning of a brand-new side.  

Man United To Sign Jude Bellingham

Another major signing that many are looking forward to is the Birmingham wonder kid to join Manchester United. This is set to be a big signing for the team as the 16-year-old wonder kid has a vast amount of potential to bring to the team and plenty to learn from the other players.

With interest across Europe as well as a huge potential buying price from United, this is set to make a huge number of people coining him as the young Steven Gerard, this is a signing that many fans are excited to see.

With the league finally returning to our screens the game is on. Not only are the games being played behind closed doors, but they are also bringing a smile back to the people of the UK and fans around the world. But with Liverpool having pretty much secured the league at this point, there are many of us looking forward to the transfer season and the season ahead in the next year.

Will we see teams of years past such as Manchester United make their way back up the table, or will we see another surprise victory. Only time will tell.


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