Cricket betting

How Cricket Betting Has Changed Over the Past Decade

Millions of people around the world enjoy placing a bet on many different sports and one of those is cricket. The way that people bet on cricket has changed considerably over the past decade, with the invention of new markets, ways to bet and added convenience thanks to mobile betting.

Cricket betting

This has all come together to put a great cricket betting service on offer for those who want to use it. Whether you are new to betting on cricket or a seasoned pro, there is always something on offer to catch your eye.

The three key areas of change have been the betting markets available to use, the creation of in play betting to bet during play and sports betting apps, which enable you to bet from anywhere via a mobile.
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Cricket Betting Markets

The choice when it comes to which cricket betting market you would like to use has never been as good. The main markets can be combined with offers such as double the odds to give new players the chance to increase the odds they are taking on their bet.

Many of the new betting markets created are based on player performance, so you can place a bet without choosing who is going to win the game.

Markets such as the top run scorer or wicket taker have become very popular, while others such as which team will score the highest opening partnership and will a player score 50 or 100 have also been made available.

Two big changes have helped punters. The first is the number of markets in front of them to use and the second is the ability to enjoy a cricket game, place a bet but not have to decide who wins overall.

In Play Betting

The creation of in play betting has transformed the betting industry and one of the best sports for in play betting is cricket.

Big events such as the Cricket World Cup bring this to life, allowing you to bet as the action is taking place and watching the odds change with runs scored, wickets taken and dot balls bowled.

Just seeing the odds change around as play moves on is exciting enough even if you don’t have a bet on the game, but adding a bet makes it even better.

You can get the feeling of winning twice while betting in play, by landing a winning bet and getting on at the best odds.

Place a bet on a team to win just before they have a good over or two and not only will you feel great if they win, but you will also see the odds contract, so you know you got on at the best time.

Mobile Betting

Something else that has affected the entire sports betting industry is the improvements surrounding mobile betting.

Many bookmakers now offer mobile betting apps as part of their service, which has opened the doors and made betting more accessible than ever before.

You don’t need to visit a bookmaker, or stay at home to bet, you can simply take your bookmaker with you in your pocket. With stable internet connections and phones that are capable of handling complex apps such as the ones that bookmakers release, everything is in position.

In terms of cricket, this means you can bet no matter where you are. Test matches that last multiple days are a regular occurrence on the international schedule, you won’t be at home to bet while these are playing. A quick check of the score and prices on your mobile betting app will let you know what is happening and give you the option to bet wherever you are if you want to.


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