Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal live streaming
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Nadal lauds Federer as one of the greatest men in the history of sport

Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal praises high his fellow champion player Roger Federer and quoted him as the greatest in the history of game. In a latest interview, Nadal talked about the foundations as well started by Federer in Spain.

Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal live streaming

“Roger Federer is one of the greatest men in the history of sport,” Nadal said after being asked who is Federer for you?

There were rumors that relations were not good between Swiss star and Spanish legend but things changed after Federer’s visit to his academy in Spain.

“Nothing has changed, because relations were already good; otherwise he would never have come. And I went to him in Switzerland and South Africa to play for his Foundation,” Nadal answered.

Nadal was asked if he is superstitious as he used to trample two drops water from two different bottles before starting the game.

“No. I’m not superstitious; otherwise I would change the ritual with each defeat. I’m not even a slave to routine: my life changes constantly, always around; and racing is very different from training.
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What you call tics are a way of putting my head in order, for me who are normally very messy,” he added.

“They are the way to concentrate and silence the voices within. In order not to listen to the voice that tells me that I will lose, nor that, even more dangerous, that tells me that I will win.”


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