Sania Mirza wants Indian Girls to Dream Big and wiling to achieve them.

Sania Mirza wants Indian Girls to “Dream Big” and willing to achieve them

On winning first ever Women’s Doubles Grand Slam at Wimbledon Sania Mirza has motivated Indians, especially girls by saying that one should always “Dream Big” and also one has to work hard to achieve those dreams. They should not be fear of losing at any instance and they must keep on work. In a recent interview to TOI, Sania also mentions that still it is a long way to get more champion tennis players from India.

Sania Mirza wants Indian Girls to Dream Big and wiling to achieve them.

In the interview Sania was asked to give message to Indians and girls for future. On answering this Wimbledon women’s Grand Slam Doubles winner said, “One must always dream big but one must always be willing to shed sweat and blood to achieve one’s dreams.
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She was also asked to figure out some changes that she’d like to see in Indian tennis. Sania said, “We still have a long way to go and a few lines would not suffice to say what all we need to do to produce more champions.”

Recently Sania has got some terrific success on court with her Swiss partner Martina Hingis. Mrs Malik praised Martina and says that she is a player of big occasions and truly a great champion. Sania said, “Martina is a great champion and knows what it is to win at the highest level. She has the ability to rise to the occasion on big moments and is a soothing influence to have during pressure cooker situations.”

Currently Sania Mirza is in great form and she is holding the top position in WTA doubles ranking. On such kind of achievements she mentioned that she was used to dream all that success she got. Mirza also cleared that sportsmen are tend to be greedy and they want to get more and more trophies and success.

“Winning a Wimbledon title and getting to no. 1 in the world are things that I had only dreamed about. But we sportsmen tend to be greedy and are never satisfied as far as achievements go. I now want to win more Grand Slams and stay at no. 1 in the world for as long as possible,” she added.


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