UEFA Euro 2020 matches fixtures, schedule
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UEFA Euro 2020 full schedule, matches fixture, timings in IST

The 16th edition of UEFA Euro championship will be held across 11 venues and 24 national football teams to contest in the tournament to become champions of Europe. Tournament to kick off on 11 June but as in India, it will start on 12 June as timing difference is there. Turkey to take on Italy in the opening match at 12:30 AM IST on 12 June. Two more matches to be played on 12th June at 6:30 PM and 9:30 PM as per Indian Standard Timings.

UEFA Euro 2020 matches fixtures, schedule

London, Seville, Glasgow, Copenhagen, Budapest, Amsterdam, Bucharest, Rome, Munich, Baku and Saint Petersburg are the hosting cities of European Championship 2021. Final match will be played on 12th July at 12:30 AM IST midnight.

Let’s checkout complete list of matches and schedule for Euro 2020 as per Indian timing.
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Group Stage matches

12 June, Saturday

Group A: Turkey vs Italy (12:30 AM IST, Rome)

Group A: Wales vs Switzerland (6:30 PM IST, Baku)

Group B: Denmark vs Finland (9:30 PM IST, Copenhagen)

13 June, Sunday

Group B: Belgium vs Russia (12:30 AM IST, St Petersburg)

Group D: England vs Croatia (6:30 PM IST, London)

Group C: Austria vs North Macedonia (9:30 PM IST, Bucharest)

14 June, Monday

Group C: Netherlands vs Ukraine (12:30 AM IST, Amsterdam)

Group D: Scotland vs Czech Republic (6:30 PM IST, Glasgow)

Group E: Poland vs Slovakia (9:30 PM IST, St Petersburg)

15 June, Tuesday

Group E: Spain vs Sweden (12:30 AM IST, Seville)

Group F: Hungary vs Portugal (9:30 PM IST, Budapest)

16 June, Wednesday

Group F: France vs Germany (12:30 AM IST, Munich)

Group B: Finland vs Russia (6:30 PM IST, St Petersburg)

Group A: Turkey vs Wales (9:30 PM IST, Baku)

17 June, Thursday

Group A: Italy vs Switzerland (12:30 AM IST, Rome)

Group C: Ukraine vs North Macedonia (6:30 PM IST, Bucharest)

Group B: Denmark vs Belgium (9:30 PM IST, Copenhagen)

18 June, Friday

Group C: Netherlands vs Austria (12:30 AM IST, Amsterdam)

Group E: Sweden vs Slovakia (6:30 PM IST, St Petersburg)

Group D: Croatia vs Czech Republic (9:30 PM IST, Glasgow)

19 June, Saturday

Group D: England vs Scotland (12:30 AM IST, London)

Group F: Hungary vs France (6:30 PM IST, Budapest)

Group F: Portugal vs Germany (9:30 PM IST, Munich)

20 June, Sunday

Group E: Spain vs Poland (12:30 AM IST, Seville)

Group A: Italy vs Wales (6:30 PM IST, Rome)

Group A: Switzerland vs Turkey (9:30 PM IST, Baku)

21 June, Monday

Group C: North Macedonia vs Netherlands (9:30 PM IST, Amsterdam)

Group C: Ukraine vs Austria (9:30 PM IST, Bucharest)

22 June, Tuesday

Group B: Russia vs Denmark (12:30 AM IST, Copenhagen)

Group B: Finland vs Belgium (12:30 AM IST, St Petersburg)

23 June, Wednesday

Group D: Czech Republic vs England (12:30 AM IST, London)

Group D: Croatia vs Scotland (12:30 AM IST, Glasgow)

Group E: Slovakia vs Spain (9:30 PM IST, Seville)

Group E: Sweden vs Poland (9:30 PM IST, St Petersburg)

24 June, Thursday

Group F: Germany vs Hungary (12:30 AM IST, Munich)

Group F: Portugal v France (12:30 AM IST, Budapest)

Round of 16

26 June, Saturday

2A vs 2B (9:30 PM IST, Amsterdam)

27 June, Sunday

1A vs 2C (12:30 AM IST, London)

1C vs 3D/E/F (9:30 PM IST, Budapest)

28 June, Monday

1B vs 3A/D/E/F (12:30 AM IST, Seville)

2D vs 2E (21:30 PM IST, Copenhagen)

29 June, Tuesday

1F vs 3A/B/C (12:30 AM IST, Bucharest)

1D vs 2F (21:30 AM IST, London)

30 June, Wednesday

1E vs 3A/B/C/D (12:30 AM IST, Glasgow)


2 July, Friday

QF1: Winner 6 vs Winner 5 (9:30 PM IST, St Petersburg)

3 July, Saturday

QF2: Winner 4 vs Winner 2 (12:30 AM IST, Munich)

QF3: Winner 3 vs Winner 1 (21:30 PM IST, Baku)

4 July, Sunday

QF4: Winner 8 vs Winner 7 (12:30 AM IST, Rome)


7 July, Wednesday

SF1: Winner QF2 vs Winner QF1 (12:30 AM IST, London)

8 July, Thursday

SF2: Winner QF4 vs Winner QF3 (12:30 AM IST, London)


12 July, Monday

Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2 (12:30 AM IST, London)


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