Umesh Yadav said People often misunderstand Virat Kohli’s aggression.

Umesh Yadav: People often misunderstand Virat Kohli’s aggression

Virat Kohli, the new Indian test captain is always known for his aggression on the field. His team mate Umesh Yadav said that Kohli’s aggression is controlled and that Kohli is a great choice as a captain for the team.
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Umesh Yadav said People often misunderstand Virat Kohli’s aggression.

Yadav praised Kohli for his ability to think quickly in games. He said that he was comfortable with the new skipper as he is always asking him about his plans in the game. Yadav also said that Kohli’s nature of putting the team ahead of everything else was laudable.

He also added that Kohli has taught every player in the team to be aggressive in their approach but explained that the aggression shown was always to get the best out of the team. He explained how Kohli urged everyone to show fighting spirit in the game. He also said that the skipper wanted everyone to put the goals of the team ahead of their personal glories.

Yadav has played only 12 Tests and 48 ODIs for India in the last 5 years. He has missed many games due to problems with his fitness. He said that Dhoni, the ex Indian skipper and Kohli are two different minds completely. He added that the contribution by MSD to Indian cricket was immense and that he gave the youngsters in the nation great opportunities to shine on the biggest stage.

He pointed out that it was MSD’s calmness that gave him his success but explained the Kohli’s aggression is what will work for the team now. He said that both have different approaches which are equally effective.

Yadav said that Shoaib Akhtar, who was in India last year, helped him a lot with his bowling. Shoaib felt that Yadav with his pace can scare batsmen all around the world. Yadav said that he enjoyed the company of the Pakistani fast bowler and that he was a very jolly person.

Yadav has recently received a lot of positive comments on his ability with the ball. He will be raring to go in the ongoing Bangladesh series and will want to perform consistently for the Indian national team.


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