Umpires who did Umpiring in maximum test cricket matches.
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Umpires who did Umpiring in maximum test cricket matches

The officials of a cricket game are very important to the occasion as they bring equality to the game. The umpires in a match have a huge say in the outcome of the game. So they need to have a lot of patience and also a lot of awareness about the different situations in a game so as to make the game run without any issues. With such a lot of responsibility, having a long career in umpiring and officiating is not easy. Here is a list of Umpires who have officiated in the highest number of Test Matches in their career.

Steve Bucknor

Steve Bucknor

A former international umpire born in Jamaica, Bucknor used to teach math to high school students, before becoming an umpire. He is also an international football referee. In 2007 October, he won the Order of Jamaica, Commander Class, for outstanding services in the field of sports. He has been a respected umpire all of his career, bar the infamous Sydney test between Australia and India. He has officiate the most number of test matches at 128.

Rudi Koertzen

Rudi Koertzen.

Also known as Rudi Koertzen, he was born in South Africa. He played league cricket for South Africa Railways in his prime. He made his debut in the year 1981. His slow raise of his finger makes him easily recognizable all around the world. He has officiated 95 test matches in his cricketing career and has been a respectable umpire.

Aleem Dar

Umpires who did Umpiring in maximum test cricket matches.

Aleem Dar is a retired Pakistani first class player and also a member of the ICC elite panel. He is the winner of the umpire of the year award in three consecutive years in 2009, 10, 11. Since his inclusion in the elite panel, Dar has been one of the leading umpires in World Cricket. He has also been one of the most reliable officials in the ICC panel and has never had huge controversies in his officiating career. He has officiated 95 international test matches in his career.

Daryl Harper

Daryl Harper.

The Australian born Daryl Harper retired in 2011 but was one of the finest umpires of the game. Harper was pushed down from the ICC elite panel after being criticized by India during a tour to the West Indies.
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He retired after a few years but is still pretty famous for his cricketing knowledge all around the world. Harper has been a respectable figure in the cricket circuit and has officiated 95 Test matches in his career.

David Shepherd

David Shepherd.

Born in 1940 in England, Shepherd was a first class cricketer in England before taking on the Umpire’s role. He is one of the world’s best known Umpires. He died of Lung Cancer in 2009 in his home town. His death gave a lot of people a sad feeling and gave the sport a bitter memory to remember. He officiated in 92 International test matches before retiring and was one of the most loved person in the cricket arena.


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