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Upcoming Horse Racing Events 2020 — Which Ones to Pay Attention To?

Every year, avid fans of horse racing enjoy the prestigious Triple Crown Thoroughbred races – Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes. With Belmont Stakes held in June, we still have two more jewels of the Triple Crown to follow.

In order for a horse to be crowned champion, it needs to win all three races. From 1990 up until today, there have been nine occasions where horses managed to win two out of three legs, thus remaining without a title. 

Since 1919, only thirteen horses have achieved the ultimate goal of becoming Triple Crown Champions. In 2018, the thoroughbred Justify won all three races and is the current Triple Crown Champion.

Horse Racing
Horse Racing

This year, Tiz the Law won the Belmont Stakes. The real question is — will it manage to dominate in the other two races, the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes? We have yet to see.  

Kentucky Derby 2020

This year, the Kentucky Derby will be held in September. Traditionally, the race is held at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. The age limit for Thoroughbred horses in the Kentucky Derby is three years. 

Kentucky Derby is known as the “run for the roses,” as the winner receives a blanket made of roses.

Last year’s race will be long remembered as the first Kentucky Derby where the winner was disqualified because of a foul on the racetrack. Maximum Security crossed the finish line first, only to be disqualified for interference. The horse Country House with its jockey, Flavien Prat, was declared the winner. 

For this year’s race, all eyes will be on Tiz the Law, as it managed to win the Belmont Stakes. Other favorites include Art Collector, Honor A.P., Authentic that won the Haskell Stakes race, and Uncle Chuck. 

Preakness Stakes 2020

Preakness Stakes 2020 will be held in October, at Pimlico Racecourse, in Baltimore. Among all three races of the Triple Crown, this one is the shortest — 9.5 furlongs. The Kentucky Derby is 10 furlongs long, while the Belmont Stakes race is the longest — 12 furlongs. Last year’s race was won by War of Will, a Thoroughbred with jockey Tyler Gaffalione. 

The winner of the Preakness Stakes race is covered by a blanket of black-eyed Susans; therefore, the race is known as the “Race for the black-eyed Susans” or “The Second Jewel of the Triple Crown.”

If Tiz the Law manages to win the Kentucky Derby this year, it will definitely be a top contender for the Triple Crown. Before we start discussing the possible champions of Preakness Stakes, we should wait and see who will be the winner of the Kentucky Derby. 

Where to Bet on Horse Racing Events?

The Triple Crown races are the most prestigious horse racing events happening in the US. Millions of people either attend the events or watch live streams available on numerous sports channels and online sportsbooks.

Moreover, if you’re an avid horse racing fan and you want to bet on the winner, you should take a look at the odds offered by various sports betting sites before you place a bet. If you prefer using cryptocurrency for sports betting, some popular online sportsbooks will also offer Bitcoin horse racing possibilities.  If you want to ramp up the excitement, online sportsbooks offer the option of in-play betting. There is nothing quite like placing a bet on a possible winner while the race is happening, and the odds are constantly changing. However, we would recommend this type of betting for more experienced bettors, as the outcome of horse races is often unpredictable.


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