10 Teams from Africa to qualify for 48-team 2026 world cup
FIFA World Cup

Report: 10 Teams from Africa to qualify for 48-team 2026 world cup

After 48-team world cup confirmation, there are several speculations over teams participation in 2026 FIFA World Cup. There are different rumors about how many teams will qualify from each confederation.

There is so much hype about African Confederation and it is expected that good number of teams will make it into world cup 2026. As per our corresponded in Zurich, FIFA is planning to double CAF teams in 23rd world cup edition.

Currently 5 African teams qualify for main FIFA world cup and as per our report, 10 teams from CAF confederation will make it into 2026 world cup. Sports Mirchi’s corresponded had a talk with an official from FIFA regarding 48-team world cup.

10 Teams from Africa to qualify for 48-team 2026 world cup

He didn’t reveal much info regarding that but official made a statement that Confederations of African Football will get more teams than any other confederation.

“We are planning to explore the game all over the world and trying to give more countries a chance to be a part of the biggest sporting event. In 48-team world cup, we are tending to double the CAF team from 5 to 10 for 2026”, official made a statement to us.

He also revealed that FIFA has been in the talks with main football governing councils and parties across all confederations to make final decision on team-distribution for 2026 world cup.

“We have been talking with top officials around the world regarding the expansion of teams in world cup. Hope to see some more exciting nations in FIFA World Cup 2026.”

Currently if we look at the teams distribution for 2018 world cup, we’ll find that 14 teams (including hosts) from UEFA, 5 from CAF, 3 from CONCACAF, 4-4 each from CONMEBOL and AFC meanwhile 1-1 team from each CONCACAF, CONMEBOL, AFC and OFC qualify for inter-confederation playoffs to make it into main world cup tournament.

And if we closely analysis the official’s talk, we’ll find total teams qualifying for world cup are:

CAF: 10 teams

UEFA: 18 teams

CONCACAF: 5 (+1 qualify for inter-confederations playoff)

CONMEBOL: 6 (+1 qualify for inter-confederations playoff)

AFC: 6 (+1 qualify for inter-confederations playoff)

OFC: 1 (+1 qualify for inter-confederations playoff)

Inter-confederation playoffs still be there as two teams will be finalized after AFC, OFC, CONCACAF and CONMEBOL teams participate in playoff qualifiers. FIFA is projected to announce teams distribution for 2026 world cup later this year.


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