Brazil Women wants to win first FIFA World Cup in Canada.
FIFA World Cup

Brazil Women eager to win first FIFA world cup title in 2015

Brazil women’s football team is looking to win maiden world cup title in July 2015. In 24 years FIFA Women’s World Cup history Brazil never become world champions and they are desperate to win this time here at Canada. In an event at Sao Paulo Brazil women football captain Bruna Benites said that seeing world cup trophy is in inspiration for us and we are looking forward to hold it on 5 July 2015.

Brazil Women wants to win first FIFA World Cup in Canada.

Bruna Benites said, “I saw the trophy for the first time yesterday and it was inspiring. Only champions are allowed to touch it, so the anticipation increased after getting so close to it. I hope that, without any protocol, our team will be able to lift it in July.
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Miraildes Maciel Mota (Formiga) who represented Brazil in previous five world cups has mentioned that Brazil women are eager to become world champions this time. She said we are dreaming of winning 2015 FIFA world cup. If we get success to achieve our dream, it will inspire women in our country and will develop the game in Brazil.

Formiga said, “We are doing our best to make the biggest dream of Brazilian women’s football come true. It is a title that Brazil have never won, and l truly believe that winning this cup could end up changing the history of women’s football in our country.”

Former Brazil men’s football world cup winning captain and legend Cafu has said that Brazilian women’s have capability to win 2015 Canada FIFA world cup. Cafu has got great expectations from Captain Bruna that she will guide team towards victory.

Cafu said, “From captain to captain, I hope that Brazil win this much coveted title and that we see Bruna lifting this trophy and bringing it to our country. It would be fantastic. We have to totally support the Brazilian women’s team, because they have already proved how capable they are.”


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