Top 10 Costliest European Football Squads Named

Top 10 Costliest European Football Squads Named 2016

Football clubs are known to pay big money in the transfer process to get desired player to play for them. This season European Clubs have paid some serious money to footballers for playing them. This 2016 year, Manchester United has created the history and become most costliest clubs to pay money in transfers and build squad for the season.

Top 10 Costliest European Football Squads Named

In football history, no other club has invested such big number to make the squad. As per the latest research from CIES Football Observatory, Manchester United F.C. paid £641 million to complete their squad for current season.

The fees paid to complete Manchester United’s squad differs from £98 million for new signing Paul Pogba to zero for a few players among whom Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
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 On the other hand, Real Madrid (£565m) and Manchester City (£545m) stand at the second and third place in the table. Liverpool (£318m) is at the bottom of table.

The Correlation between the squad cost from a transfer fee perspective and the final position in the domestic league table is very high. Let’s have a look at the top 10 list of most valuable European squads.

10 Most Valuable European Squads 2016

No. Club Value
10 Liverpool £318m
9 Bayern Munich £318.5m
8 Aresnal £339m
7 Juventus £352m
6 Paris Saint Germain £405m
5 Chelsea £429m
4 Barcelona £432m
3 Manchester City £545m
2 Real Madrid £565m
1 Manchester United £641m


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