Cricket may return in Olympics and Commonwealth Games.

Cricket may return in Olympics and Commonwealth Games

International Cricket Council is on role to bring back the cricket sport in future Olympic games and Commonwealth games. ICC officials will be meeting with International Olympic Committee next month over the talks of cricket’s inclusion in Summer Olympics. The date is not finalized yet but is expected the meeting will take place in the mid-November.

Cricket may return in Olympics and Commonwealth Games.
Mr. David Richardson (Chief Executive ICC)

Mr. Richardson said, “The plan is to meet them at this stage in mid-November, we are still trying to finalise a date but the invitation has come to meet.”

In a recent interaction ICC chief executive Mr. David Richardson has mentioned that top sporting federations like the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games are interested to include cricket once again in such big sporting events and we are keen to have talks with them regarding the needs of sport to be feature.

“Multisport federations like the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics have expressed an interest in cricket being part of those Games,” he added.

As per Mr. David Commonwealth Games are not more concerned regarding the format of game but they want to talk on teams or wickets.
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“The Olympics is not as nearly advanced in their discussions with us in that regard (as the Commonwealth Games’ proposal to have cricket in the 2022 event in Durban, South Africa) and CG certainly are more open to, not necessarily to Twenty20 cricket or one of the established formats, but they want to discuss other things like double wicket or mixed teams.”

Cricket was played in 1900 Olympic Games whereas in 1998 Commonwealth games, cricket was included.

“Bear in mind it’s not just what cricket wants, cricket might want to be part of the Olympics but the Olympics might not want cricket. They might want cricket subject to various conditions that we are not able to perform – we just need to find out from them exactly what they are thinking, how they are thinking and take it from there,” he added.


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