FIFA declared 2022 Qatar world cup final match date.

Favorite Teams To Win 2022 FIFA World Cup

The next year is extra special for football lovers – after all, the FIFA World Cup 2022 will be held then, this time in Qatar. With 32 teams and the month-long excitement of world-class matches, football fans all over the world are already waiting in eager anticipation. And the FIFA World Cup 2022 is especially sensational since it is going to be the first world cup held during the winter in the northern hemisphere. This has added to the thrill and keenness to experience who becomes the world champion in football.

FIFA declared 2022 Qatar world cup final match date.

So, who do you think, has the highest odds of winning the FIFA World Cup next year?

Let us try to analyze and list down the most favorite contenders below.


They are still the football world champions and going pretty strong. The team still has its enviable lineup of star footballers from their stellar success in the previous world cup. France is every bit the formidable team with the likes of Paul Pogba, Kylian Mbappe, Antoine Griezmann, and others.

Not to mention the latest young sensations who have joined their team forming a force to reckon with. Hundreds and thousands of football fans all over the world are pinning their hopes onto the French side who, they feel, are very likely to lift the cup again in 2022. Analysts feel that the odds of France winning the title next year stand at 5-1.


Brazil recently won Copa America in 2019, and they are also five-time world champions. So it is not a wonder why Brazil is the next most favored team to win the FIFA World Cup 2022. Plus, the team is charged up by superstar players like Coutinho, Richarlison, and Alisson with additional names like Gabriel Martinelli, Vinicius Jr, and many others. With their quintessential defensive moves, the odds of Brazil becoming the world champions next year are 11-2.


We all know that the previous world cup in 2018 had been the least favorable for Argentina – the team to exit at round 16 after their defeat by Croatia. However, for next year’s world championship, things look very different for Argentina. With Leo Messi in their team, The Cup might just come home to the Argentines in 2022. Moreover, Argentina’s trailblazing player list, comprising Giovani Lo Celso, Lautaro Martenez, and Paulo Dybala, has raised the odds of them winning to 10-1.


Spain is a huge favorite among football crazy fans all across the world, and people feel that Spain also has fair chances of lifting the cup in 2022. Even though their exit from the last world cup in 2018 was deemed fairly awkward, Spain has got every potential in their team for a roaring comeback in FIFA World Cup 2022.
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In fact, experts think that Spain has 8-1 odds of becoming World Cup champions next year.

There are several betting offers available in the market for winning team at Qatar world cup. As football’s greatest event in 2022 inches closer, let us keep supporting our teams and wish them the best. And, like every time, may the best team win!


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