FIFA World Cup 2018 and Confederations Cup 2017 Preparations on track.

FIFA 2018 world cup & Confederations Cup 2017 Preparations on Track

In the first board meeting of Russia world cup 2018, Local Organizing Committee (LOC) and FIFA representatives discussed about the preparations for 2018 world cup and 2017 Confederations Cup. After the meeting in a press conference, Federation International de Football Association Secretary General Jerome Valcke has confirmed that we (FIFA) and LOC are on the track in the preparations for upcoming major football tournaments.
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FIFA World Cup 2018 and Confederations Cup 2017 Preparations on track.
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FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke said, “I want to confirm that we are working very well together with the LOC. We are well on track for all the preparations, not only for the 2018 FIFA World Cup but not to forget that in 2017 we have the FIFA Confederations Cup.”

On 25 July, 2015 preliminary draw will also take for 2018 world cup and 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup. The draw will be held at St. Petersburg. Valcke added, “it’s very important for us that the next big event is the Preliminary Draw that will happen here in St.
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Petersburg, a beautiful city. Konstantinovsky Palace will host this amazing event on 25 July this year. And I believe we will have a great World Cup in 2018 as we are all working hard to do so.”

Jerome Valcke also believes that football is a big sport around the globe and its final always been exciting and more than 1 billion fans enjoy it on Televisions. He said 2014 Brazil world cup final got more than one billion viewership and we are expecting to get the same in 2018 FIFA world cup final.

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He said, “It’s not FIFA who attracts people – it’s football. The World Cup final attracts the world because the World Cup final is a unique event once every four years with more than a billion people watching it on the TV. We can fill many times the stadia. This is the factor of the FIFA World Cup. We had this in Brazil and we will have the same in Russia.”

FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 LOC Chairman Vitaly Mutko said, “We’re working together with the cities on the transport blueprint for the tournament, and we’re cooperating with the Ministry of Transport, as well as with the Transport Directorate, which was set up at the Ministry specifically in order to handle all the transport requirements for Russia 2018.”



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