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ICC World Cup 2015 Umpires and Referees matches schedule

International Cricket Council has appointed umpires and match referees for the upcoming 2015 cricket world cup. Nigel Llong and Marais Erasmus will be On-Field umpires for the opening match of ICC world cup between hosts New Zealand and Sri Lanka on 14 February at Christchurch. India’s S. Ravi will be the 3rd umpire in the match whereas David Boon is appointed as referee in world cup opener.

ICC appointed match umpires and referees for 2015 cricket world cup.

Kumar Dharmasena and Aleem Dar will be umpiring in the second game of 2015 world cup which is scheduled to play on the same day, 14 Feb. New Zealand umpire Billy Bowden will be third umpire in the match whereas Jeff Crowe will be match referee in Australia vs England match.

ICC also declared 14 warm-up world cup matches umpires which are scheduled to play from 8 Feb to 13 Feb. India to take on Australia in the first practice match on 8 February. Nigel Llong and Chris Gaffaney will be the on-field umpires for this match. Let’s have a look at the list of umpires and match referees in 2015 ICC cricket world cup.

2015 cricket world Cup Umpires & Referees

Warm up

Date Match On-Field Umpires Third Umpire Match Referee
8 Feb IND vs AUS Nigel Llong & Chris Gaffaney Marais Erasmus
9 Feb SA vs SL Richard Illingworth & S. Ravi Rod Tucker
NZ vs ZIM Bruce Oxenford & Ruchira Palliyaguru Ranmore Martinesz
ENG vs WI Aleem Dar & Paul Reiffel Steve Davis
PAK vs BAN Kumar Dhamasena & Joel Wilson Billy Bowden
10 Feb IND vs AFG Marais Erasmus & Simon Fry Nigel Llong
IRE vs SCO Aleem Dar & Joel Wilson Kumar Dharmasena
11 Feb SA vs NZ Rod Tucker & Ranmore Martinesz Ruchira Palliyaguru
SL vs ZIM Richard Illingworth & Bruce Oxenford S. Ravi
AUS vs UAE Kettleborough &Ian Gould Michael Gough
ENG vs PAK Steve Davis and Billy Bowden Johan Cloete
12 Feb WI vs SCO Johan Cloete & Paul Reiffel Aleem Dar
BAN vs IRE Billy Bowden and Kumar Dharmasena Joel Wilson
13 Feb AFG vs UAE Ian Gould & Michael Gough Richard Kettleborough

2015 World Cup Matches

14 Feb SL vs NZ Nigel Llong & Marais Erasmus S. Ravi David Boon
AUS vs ENG Kumar Dharmasena & Aleem Dar Billy Bowden Jeff Crowe
15 Feb SA vs ZIM Rod Tucker & Ranmore Martinesz Paul Reiffel Roshan Mahanama
IND vs PAK Kettleborough & Ian Gould Steve Davis Ranjan Madugalle
16 Feb WI vs IRE Bruce Oxenford & Richard Illingworth Chris Gaffaney Chris Broad
17 Feb NZ vs SCO Nigel Llong & Simon Fry Marais Erasmus David Boon
18 Feb BAN vs AFG Steve Davis & Joel Wilson Aleem Dar Jeff Crowe
19 Feb ZIM vs UAE Chris Gaffaney & Johan Cloete Richard Illingworth Chris Broad
20 Feb NZ vs ENG Rod Tucker & Paul Reuffel Bruce Oxenford Roshan Mahanama
21 Feb PAK vs WI Marais Erasmus & Nigel Llong S. Ravi David Boon
AUS vs BAN Billy Bowden & Kumar Dharmasena Ian Gould Ranjan Madugalle
22 Feb SL vs AFG Richard Illingworth & Chris Gaffaney Johan Cloete Chris Broad
SA  vs IND Kettleborough & Aleem Dar Steve Davis Jeff Crowe
23 Feb ENG vs SCO Rod Tucker & S. Ravi Marais Erasmus David Boon
24 Feb WI vs ZIM Steve Davis & Ian Gould Ranmore Martinesz Roshan Mahanama
25 Feb Ire va UAE Nigel Llong & Michael Gough Kumar Dharmasena Ranjan Madugalle
26 Feb AFG vs SCO Ruchira Palliyaguru & Simon Fry Rod Tucker David Boon
SL vs BAN Aleem Dar & Paul Reiffel Richard Kettleborough Jeff Crowe
27 Feb SA vs WI Ian Gould  & Steve Davis Ranmore Martinesz Roshan Mahanama
28 Feb AUS vs NZ Marais Erasmus & Richard Illingworth S. Ravi Chris Broad
IND vs UAE Michael Gough & Billy Bowden Nigel Llong Ranjan Madugalle
1 Mar ENG vs SL Bruce Oxenford & Rod Tucker Chris Gaffaney David Boon
PAK vs ZIM Kettleborough & Joel Wilson Paul Reiffel Jeff Crowe
3 Mar SA vs IRE Steve Davis & Ranmore Martinesz Ian Gould Roshan Mahanama
4 Mar PAK vs UAE Johan Cloete & S. Ravi Richard Illingworth Chris Broad
AUS vs AFG Kumar Dharmasena & Michael Gough Billy Bowden Ranjan Madugalle
5 Mar BAN vs SCO Bruce Oxenford & Simon Fry Rod Tucker David Boon
6 Mar IND vs WI Kumar Dharmasena & Nigel Llong Billy Bowden Ranjan Madugalle
7 Mar SA vs PAK Richard Kettleborough & Bruce Oxenford Chris Gaffaney Chris Broad
ZIM vs IRE Paul Reiffel & Ruchira Palliyaguru Joel Wilson Roshan Mahanama
8 Mar NZ vs AFG Marais Erasmus & Johan Cloete Steve Davis David Boon
AUS vs SL Ian Gould & Aleem Dar Richard Illingworth Jeff Crowe
9 Mar ENG vs BAN Billy Bowden & Paul Reiffel Simon Fry Ranjan Madugalle
10 Mar IND vs IRE Kumar Dharmasena & Richard Kettleborough Johan Cloete Chris Broad
11 Mar SL vs SCO Richard Illingworth & Joel Wilson Michael Gough Jeff Crowe
12 Mar SA vs UAE Rod Tucker & Steve Davis Bruce Oxenford Roshan Mahanama
13 Mar BAN vs NZ Richard Kettleborough & Kumar Dharmasena Nigel Llong Chris Broad
ENG vs AFG Billy Bowden & S. Ravi Marais Erasmus David Boon
14 Mar IND vs ZIM Bruce Oxenford & Chris Gaffaney Rod Tucker Roshan Mahanam
AUS vs SCO Richard Illingworth & Ian Gould Joel Wilson Jeff Crowe
15 Mar WI vs UAE Aleem Dar & Ranmore Martinesz Richard Kettleborough Chris Broad
PAK vs IRE Marais Erasmus & Ruchira Palliyaguru Simon Fry Ranjan Madugalle

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