Sachin Tendulkar Records that Virat Kohli can Break.

Sachin Tendulkar Records that Virat Kohli can Break

When Sachin announced his retirement, it was the end of an era in Indian cricket. The famous chants that the fans have created for him will no longer be heard in the famous Wankhede. But the Master Blaster has left his impression on cricket for ever with some great records that are really hard to break in both formats of the game.

Sachin Tendulkar Records that Virat Kohli can Break.

But the new and energized team India has a master class in Virat Kohli. The new test skipper for the Indian team has already shown that he can reach the heights that Sachin Tendulkar has achieved in his career. Kohli would also want to be remembered for a long time and would want to compete with Sachin’s records and try to break them. We have come up with a list of Sachin’s records that Virat Kohli can try and break.

Sachin’s Records that Virat can Break

Most Test Matches

Sachin was the back bone of the Indian batting line up for most of his career. He has played 200 test matches before retiring. This is also a record number. Kohli has just played 34 tests for India.
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But the captaincy may give him the number of matches required to break the record.

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Most ODI matches

Sachin heads this list with a staggering 463 matches. But Kohli has already taken the test captaincy and after Dhoni retires, he will be the ODI captain. So this tells us that Kohli will play a lot matches in the years to come without actually being dropped. Kohli at 159 matches may just get close to the record figure.

Most consecutive ODI matches for a team

The Master Blaster played for the Indian Nation teams in 185 consecutive matches without missing one. He was one of the most reliable players for the team. Virat Kohli already had a stint of 102 matches and can reach this figure if he does not injure himself or get dropped.

Most number of ODI runs

Sachin leads the pack in this list in the world at 18,426 runs at an average of 44.83. He was ever so consistent and rarely had a bad patch. Kohli is a long way away at 5935 ODI runs. But his average of 51.07 may just take him there if he maintains his consistency in the long run.

Most number of 50’s in ODI cricket

Sachin holds this record with 96 ODI fifties. Kohli has 33 fifties in his career and has a long way to go. But his consistency has been the key to his batting and if he manages to play this way all his career, he may well reach the record figure.

Most ODI centuries

This is something the Kohli can surely aim for. Kohli has a tendency to play long innings and score tireless hundreds just like Sachin did. So the legend’s 49 ODI centuries is in trouble with Kohli already reaching 22 centuries in his 8 year career.

Most number of MOTM’s in ODI cricket

The most number of ‘Man of the Match’ awards in the limited format has been awarded to Sachin Tendulkar. He has won it 62 times in his career. Kohli is very low on the list with just 20 awards. But there are only 2 people who have not retired above Kohli in this list. So a good series or two will bring him second into the list and them he can aim for the record.

Most runs in a calendar year

A record that shows how good the players were over a long period, Sachin leads this list with 1894 runs in the year 1998. He was prolific during that time and scored 1611 runs in 1996. Kohli who has already scored 1381 runs and 1268 runs in 2011 and 2013 respectively would want to extend these numbers and try not missing out on opportunities on every outing.

Most Centuries in a calendar year

In 1998, Sachin scored 9 centuries in a calendar year when he scored 1894 runs. This record may be far off but Kohli can actually break this record with a decent season with the transition that the game has gone through.

Most runs scored in tests away from home

Sachin holds this record also at 6247 runs. He was a really good player in all conditions and always helped India out of tough times. Kohli who is now the captain of the test team has plenty of time to achieve this feat. Though Kohli may come close to most of these records, the present game has completely taken a new attire and it would be hard to say that Kohli is actually as good as Sachin.

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But for the fans, this is exactly what they needed after the master blaster retired, someone who can take the place of the legend. Kohli however, would be happy that he is even compared to Sachin. In all this, Team India stands out as the winner.


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