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Women’s World Cup 2019: Ranking the top 5 women’s kits

The Women’s World Cup 2019 in France will put football fashion at the forefront for a second consecutive summer. Twenty-four women’s teams from around the globe will converge on nine cities with the best female footballers in the world taking part. Football fans can wager on their favourite national team using betMGM and watch their side compete during the month-long tournament.

The best female footballers won’t just be showing off their skills on the pitch, but the kits they wear will interest plenty of shirt collectors and fanatics. Here we rank the top 5 women’s kits at the Women’s World Cup 2019.

5. New Zealand away

New Zealand don’t seem to have many options when it comes to kit colour as it is either black or white. Luckily, Nike scored a free-kick with New Zealand’s away kit for the Women’s World Cup. According to one source, New Zealand are the 16th most likely team to win the Women’s World Cup ahead of the tournament’s kick off.

The all black kit has fern detailing down the arms to match the team’s badge. The subtle detail make the shirt different than others being worn in France.

4. Australia home

Australia’s away kit is dark green with subtle yellow diagonal lines. It is a major contrast to the all over yellow, green, and white home shirt they will wear. Nike seemed to just retread Nigeria’s away kit for Australia.
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But it is Nike’s work with Australia’s funky home kit that truly stands out. The flashes of colour really catch the eye and the matching socks are a great touch. Plenty of shirt collectors will want to add Australia’s women’s shirt to their collections.

3. USA away

The reigning World Cup champions the United States go into the women’s world cup 2019 with an electrifying red away kit. The dominant speed red colour has subtle blue flashes and stars and stripes graphics.

Unfortunately, the US may wear their dull white kits for most matches. There looks to be a kit-clash with some of the teams in their group. It is a shame really, because the away kits look great.

2. Nigeria home

In June 2018, Nike sold out of Nigeria World Cup shirts as 3 million people pre-ordered the jersey. Due to the popularity of the shirt, Nigeria’s Women’s World Cup team will wear the same kits as the men did a year ago.

Despite Nike and Nigeria simply retreading the kits, it is okay because the shirts are some of the greatest ever produced for an international team. The green, black, and white combination is bold and there is no mistaking which nation is wearing it.

1. France away

Like the US, France have hit a home run with their Nike away kit. The team will wear white shirts with tiny hexagons printed all over the top. According to the BBC, the hexagon shapes reflect the shape of the country.

The shirts are paired with blue shorts and socks that match the jerseys giving the French female footballers a great looking kit. France’s home blue kits look great, but the away shirt stands out. Hopefully, the French and US will spend most of the tournament wearing their away duds.


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