Top two test cricket teams India and Australia are set to take on each other in Border-Gavaskar trophy 2017 scheduled to play between 23 February and 29 March. 4 test matches will be played between two nations. Currently Indian team is at the top of ICC test rankings with 121 rating points meanwhile Australia is 12 points behind from Men In Blue.

India vs Australia 2017 Series ICC Test Ranking Analysis, Predictions
India vs Australia 2017 Series ICC Test Ranking Analysis, Predictions

It’s a great opportunity for Australian side to get onto the top of International Cricket Council MRF test team rankings. If Australia manages to beat India in the series by 4-0 or 3-0, they’ll replace Men in Blue and get the top position in ICC test points tally.

On the other hand to maintain their top test ranking, hosts India needs to draw the series by any margin. And if India succeeds to beat Australia with any scoreline in the series, Virat Kohli side will remain at the top in the MRF Test rankings.

Let’s have a look at the details analysis of possible results in India vs Australia test series and results effecting teams rankings.

India vs Australia 2017 Test Series Results Analysis & ICC Rankings

Result India Rating (Ranking) Australia Rating (Ranking)
4-0 (India Wins) 125 (1st) 105 (3rd)
3-0 (India Wins) 124 (1st) 106 (3rd)
2-0 (India Wins) 123 (1st) 107 (3rd)
1-0 (India Wins) 122 (1st) 108 (2nd)
3-1 (India Wins) 123 (1st) 107 (3rd)
2-1 (India Wins) 122 (1st) 108 (2nd)
4-0 (Australia Wins) 113 (2nd) 115 (1st)
3-0 (Australia Wins) 114 (2nd) 114 (1st)
2-0 (Australia Wins) 115 (1st) 113 (2nd)
1-0 (Australia Wins) 117 (1st) 112 (2nd)
3-1 (Australia Wins) 115 (1st) 113 (2nd)
2-1 (Australia Wins) 117 (1st) 112 (2nd)
Draw (0-0, 1-1, 2-2) 119 (1st) 110 (2nd)

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