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NFL’s Verizon Partnership and How Smartphones Are Changing Fan Experiences

There is no denying that the sporting world has become a big area of business in recent decades. While a great number of fans might be predominantly focused on the action unfolding in venues and on pitches all over the world, there is always plenty of activity behind the scenes as well.

Major agreements have become very common and a notable one has emerged in recent days, as a leading sporting organisation has struck a deal with a top communications provider.

NFL money

Long-term Agreement

It was recently confirmed that Verizon has extended its relationship with the NFL by agreeing on a new 10-year partnership. A Verizon press release outlined how the deal would mean the company is named an Official Technology Partner of the NFL, as well as the Official 5G Network of the sports league.

Under the terms of the agreement, Verizon is set to work with the NFL and use 5G technology to develop new concepts that could have an impact on a range of areas within the sport, from scouting and training to safety and game-day operations.

This would also build on the work that the pair have already done together, with Verizon introducing 5G Ultra-Wideband connectivity in a range of stadiums and also developing other innovations. These include Verizon 5G Multi-View, which allows fans to see different camera angles and augmented reality elements on some 5G-enabled phones.

Technology’s Impact

The extension of the partnership is clearly intriguing and the work already completed highlights how sports fan experiences are changing thanks to smartphone technology.

So many of us access sports content on such devices, including streams of the latest high-profile action. Fans also now have the ability to combine their streaming with betting, thanks to sportsbook providers such as Unibet. This Unibet Australia review details how the platform features Unibet TV, which offers sports including the NFL and NBA. Users visit the sports section of the mobile app and click on streaming to select an event, this increased accessibility has played a significant role in improving the fan experience.
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Official team and broadcaster apps are also helping fans stay up-to-date on the latest developments in specific parts of the sporting domain, while smartphones have affected the fantasy sports world too. For instance, the Google Play listing for the official English Premier League app explains how football fans can use it to manage their fantasy teams.
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It also includes updates on every fixture from the league, as well as video highlights of a range of action.

Changing Times

Many different technologies have transformed our lives in recent years, affecting everything from how we work and relax to the way that we communicate with others. However, it is fascinating to consider the specific effect that tech is having on the sports world as well.

The major agreements being struck are eye-catching and it will be interesting to see how they ultimately impact the sports we love. Smartphones have already clearly had a significant influence on how fans follow sporting action, and we simply cannot wait to see what comes next.


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