Melissa Ortiz said 2015 FIFA world cup opener against Mexico will be special.
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Ortiz: 2015 FIFA world cup opener against Mexico will be special

Colombia women’s forward footballer Melissa Ortiz believes that team’s opening game of 2015 world cup is going to be special. As per her views, Colombian team is eager to take revenge from Mexico women’s soccer team as Colombia was beaten in the Central American Games final last year.

Melissa Ortiz said 2015 FIFA world cup opener against Mexico will be special.

Melissa Ortiz said in an interview on, “The most special game will be the Mexico one, not just because it will be our first, but also as it will be a chance for revenge. In the Central American Games last November, we drew with them in the opening match and then lost 2-0 to them in the final. That’s why we’re even more determined [to beat them].”

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Colombia and Mexico are scheduled to face each other on 9 June at Moncton Stadium in Group F match of 2015 FIFA women’s world cup. Ortiz has great belief that team is preparing well for the upcoming football world cup championship and they can win it. As per Melissa’s words, they have planned to return home after world cup win on 5 July.

Ortiz said, “Our return flight is scheduled for after the Final. We have a new coaching staff with fresh ideas, while as players we’ve matured a great deal in terms of our style. We’re also better prepared physically and have grown a lot thanks to our experiences in this competition and abroad. In that way, the team is developing.
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The Colombia’s national team star further mentioned her story about how she got involved in football. She said, “Here in the USA, it’s very normal [for girls] to play and it wasn’t hard to find a team, but when I told my relatives in Colombia, they were surprised. It was rare then for girls to play football and they didn’t even know we had a national women’s team.”

FIFA women’s world cup 2015 is scheduled to begin on 6 June with an opening match between hosts Canada and China at Commonwealth Stadium.


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