Why Serving an Ace is So Important to Your Tennis Game

Whether you’re a professional tennis player or just wanting to play for fun against your friends, the chances are that once you enter the court you are playing to win. There is nothing wrong with a bit of friendly competition; in fact, in many circumstances, it can actually make the game a more enjoyable one. Tennis is a great way to get in some exercise, catch up with friends and improve your fitness; but if you want to win then you’ll need to perfect your techniques and practice your skills.

For many people, serving an ace is seen as essential when it comes to being a tennis winner and here’s why.

Perfecting Your Tennis Skills

Whatever sport you’re choosing to take part in, if you want to be a great player then you need to put some time and effort into perfecting your skills and tennis is no exception. Much like other sports, different players will have their own different skills and techniques.

Although there are different techniques that can and should be practised there are many tennis players that place being able to serve an ace at the top spot when it comes to skills to learn in order to be a winner. Serving an ace means that your legal server is one that your opponent has not been able to get their racquet to. It means that you get an immediate point – much quicker than batting the ball backwards and forwards in an attempt to be the winner.

It stands to reason that the longer a game goes on, the more effort it takes and the more tired each player is likely to become. Although there is no denying that serving an ace does take effort, it is a much quicker and easier way to score a quick point and it is that reason that many put such importance on being able to serve an ace.

What The Professionals Say

In a recent interview with Betway Insider, tennis superstar Joachim Johansson talked about his Australian Open match against Andre Agassi in 2005. At the time Johansson was just 25 years old, and a much newer player than Agassi.

In the interview with Betway, he talked about the feeling of playing against Andre; how he struggled with the 35-degree heat and suffered from cramp on the day. However, it is important to remember that although Johansson was beaten by Agassi that day, he did set a world record for the number of aces served in a match – because although he was suffering, he put his all into doing what he could to get quick, easy points.
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This just goes to show that when it comes to being a winner at professional tennis, it is often a much bigger picture than just winning each individual match.
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Instead, players concentrate on the overall reputation of their career and without a doubt setting a new world record during that match would have done the career of Johansson the world of good.


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