Arjun Halappa said Indian hockey team can be number one in the world.

Arjun Halappa says Indian Hockey on path to be no. 1

Hockey India selector Arjun Halappa has said that Indian hockey is on the path to become number one team in the world. He said team has performed well in past 12-18 months and it is not easy to be number one quickly. It takes time to become best team in the world. Halappa also believes that Hockey India League has made huge impact to grow Indian hockey.

Arjun Halappa said Indian hockey team can be number one in the world.

He said, “We can’t straightaway say we are becoming world no. 1. It’s a step by step process. (Junior) Players like Harmanpreet and Santa Singh can get lot of positives from this league. As Hockey India selector I can say we have beaten Australia in Australia in the Test series. That jinx has been broken. We had never done that before. These things are getting better.”

“Some things are not in our control. We should not take it in a negative way. Indian hockey has been doing very well in the past 11 to 18 months. These things will be taken care of by the administrators. Let’s be positive,” he added.

Currently Arjun Halappa is playing for Dabang Mumbai in the Hockey India League 2015. He said he is enjoying hockey in HIL as a players and he has to compete with youngsters for his place in the final team for match.

He said, “It’s a new challenge and I have to fight for my place.
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I am putting in my effort. I can see some players also while they train and play and their approach. But right now I am enjoying as a player.
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If I get into the selector’s mode, the players will be too reluctant to speak to me.”


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