Barcelona vs Real Madrid top goal scorers list

Barcelona vs Real Madrid: Top 10 Goal Scorers

FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid football match is one of the best and biggest football rivalry and game lovers don’t miss this El Clasico battle whenever it takes place. Biggest players hit on big occasions and whenever Madrid vs Barcelona match takes place, goal scorer of the match gets special attention. The fact is there is lot of pressure on the players when these two Spanish clubs up against each other.

Barcelona vs Real Madrid top goal scorers list

Barcelona’s star forward and striker Lionel Messi is the most successful footballer in El Clasico battle. He has scored most number of goals in Barcelona vs Real Madrid contest. Messi has hit 21 goals till date meanwhile Real Madrid’s sensation Cristiano Ronaldo is at third place with 16 goals. Real Madrid’s Alfredo Di Stefano stands at the second position in leading goalscorers for El Clasico matches.

In top 10 goal scorers list for Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona rivalry, only two Barca players feature in the list. Except Messi, Cesar is named in the list who stands at the 5th position in table.

Let’s have a look at the best 10 goals scorers for El Clasico battle.
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El Clasico Top 10 Goal Scorers

Total Goals Player Club Goals Distribution in different tournaments
La Liga Copa Super Cup League Cup Europe
21 Lionel Messi Barcelona 14 5 2
18 Alfredo Di Stefano Real Madrid 14 2 2
16 Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid 8 5 3
15 Raul Real Madrid 11 3 1
14 Cesar Barcelona 12 2
14 Francisco Gento Real Madrid 10 2 2
14 Ferenc Puskas Real Madrid 9 2 3
12 Santillana Real Madrid 9 2 1
10 Hugo Sanchez Real Madrid 8 2
10 Juanito Real Madrid 8 2


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