Ice Hockey

Best American Sports to Bet On

Betting on sport is a thrilling and potentially lucrative vocation, with a huge amount of the intrigue attached to sports betting based on the jeopardy that comes with a bet on every fixture.

With sportsbooks popping up all over the country, sports fans have never had so many games to place their bucks on.

Having a tried and tested betting strategy is always wise when betting and only betting with money you can afford are just a couple of tips all bettors should have in mind when laying down their hard-earned cash.

Ice Hockey
Photo: Ice Hockey

Use the Bookmaker Offers

The sheer number of betting opportunities available to punters within America has moulded the market somewhat in recent years.

America is a sporting hotbed, with a multitude of sports available to bettors – allowing every punter to be able to find their niche.

New and existing customers with betting companies are able to access bookmaker offers – ranging from free bet tokens all the way through to enhanced odds on specific fixtures.

The incredible amount of American sports available to punters gives a wealth of opportunity and read on for a guide of the best American sports to bet on:


The NBA is the biggest basketball league in the world, with some of the biggest athletes on the planet shooting hoops in front of packed crowds.

With a regular NBA season consisting of over 80 games and with each and every fixture presenting huge opportunities for punters to win big money.

Betting markets include straight win/loss markets, over and under points within the game as well as individual and team point scorers.

The sheer magnitude of basketball betting offerings make it one of the best sports to bet on in America and across the world.

American Football

As America’s most popular sport, the NFL is one of the biggest sporting competitions on the planet.

With a unique draft system and a season culminating in the Superbowl – the most watched sporting event in the world – it is a spectacle like no other.
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American Football is another sport awash with betting markets, ranging from outright winner bets all the way through to how many points will be scored in each quarter of the game.

Ice Hockey

A stalwart of the American sporting landscape, ice hockey is a hugely popular winter sport amongst sports fans in the States.

The NHL is the premiere ice hockey competition in the world, with mass brawls and high-octane action very much a common sight.
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Ice hockey betting markets range from individual points scoring all the way through to puck line handicaps.


A distinctly American sport, baseball is the summer sport of the country and the MLB is the world’s biggest baseball competition.

With sluggers and pitchers battling it out across the land, in front of packed beer-swilling stadiums, it is a spectacle like no other.

Each match has 9 innings and there are no draws, giving punters an array of betting markets to access.


Having taken off dramatically over the last decade, the MLS is one of the biggest soccer leagues in the world – for both men and women.

Top European exports have moved to America in recent years to ply their trade and the standard of the MLS has improved dramatically as a consequence. Football/soccer betting is one of the most popular vocations within a sportsbook with bets ranging from the number of cards within a particular game all the way through to large, multi-team accumulators.


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