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For 2026 FIFA World Cup bid, Human rights to be considered

After so much protest and issues regarding 2022 FIFA World cup bid, FIFA president Sepp Blatter has indicated that in upcoming world cup bids, bidding process will also consider human rights and other rights to confirm the host selection.

FIFA President Sepp Blatter said that 2026 world cup bids to consider human rights.

FIFA President said, “I will tell you, that human rights and other rights will be part of the basic conditions to organise the competition. That will be new for the next World Cup – the World Cup 2026.
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Sepp Blatter attended the AFC Asian Cup final and he mentioned that we (FIFA) had learned some lessons from the controversies took place for 2018, 2022 world cup.

“2 December 2010, I will never forget this date where we have made the decision for two World Cups, which was wrong. We have also taken the decision later on that it will be the congress that will elect the designated World Cup organiser and the list of requirements,” he added.

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