Martin Crowe can't miss New Zealand-Australia battle despite Cancer.
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Martin Crowe can’t miss New Zealand-Australia battle despite Cancer

Kiwi legend Martin Crowe has said that cancer disease can’t stop him to be part of New Zealand vs Australia clash in 2015 world cup at Auckland as spectator. Martin has been suffering from rare blood disease known as double-hit lymphoma for a long period of time but he is much associated with cricket and desperate to watch Australia-New Zealand clash on Saturday at Eden Park.

Martin Crowe can't miss New Zealand-Australia battle despite Cancer.

Crowe said, “For me, it will be the only (World Cup) game I get to, and it’s almost like a bookend to my cricketing life, to be there on Saturday and watch these boys.”

Martin Crowe debut against neighbors Australia in 1982 and there were a big number of cricket fans who came to watch the clash. He said, “There will be 45,000 people there. The last time there was 45,000 people there (for a one-day match) was my first one-day international.”

1992 world cup New Zealand captain also praised current Blackcaps captain Brendon McCullum for his great leadership and players performance. He said, “I am incredibly proud of New Zealand cricket and the way Brendon (McCullum) and his team have really taken up this challenge over the last year. I am just overwhelmed at the way they’re playing a fearless game.”

Martin Crowe also believes that upcoming cricket world cup clash between Australia and New Zealand is going to be very important as both sides are balanced and they have got good fielders in the out-field.

“It’s going to be an incredible battle. You’re not going to see fielding sides like these two probably ever in the history of the game.
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The crowd was spilling all over the ropes. (New Zealand’s) Jeremy Coney put up a hell of an act, (Australia’s) Greg Chappell got the best hundred you’ll ever see. It was a day I’ll never forget,” he added.


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