Premier League Club's Wage Bills
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Premier League Club’s Wage Bills 2016-17

Premier League (PL) is one of the most popular football leagues around the globe and it is announced as the Richest Professional Sports League in the world.
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There are several top soccer clubs participate every year in Barclays Premier League and those clubs pay decent money to footballers on weekly basis. You might be looking to know how much money do these clubs pay in this season.

Premier League Club's Wage Bills

You might be wondering which team in the Premier League has the highest wage bill?

Well all of your these questions have been answered in this post as we have created a list of top 20 Premier League clubs with their yearly wage bills. In 2015-16 Chelsea FC was the biggest club to pay wage to players with £215.6 million meanwhile for 2016-17 Manchester City FC takes over the first position with £225 million.

If you actually look at the previous seasons, you’ll come to know that there is healthy competition among Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal to become top club to pay biggest salary bill in the competition. In 2013-14 Manchester City topped the table with £216m, while in 2014-15 Manchester United payed £215.
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8m and became highest wage bill paying team.

For 2016-17, Hull City is at the bottom in the table as it has the lowest wage bill in premier league with just £25 million. Obviously Manchester City has got the biggest wage bill with £225 million. Manchester United and Chelsea F.C. place at second and third position.

Let’s have a look at the complete list of premier league club wages for 2016-17 season.

Club Wages for Premier League 2016-17

Position Club 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17
1 Manchester City £216m £205m £193.8m £225m
2 Manchester United £187m £215.8m £203m £220.8m
3 Chelsea £190m £192.7m £215.6m £218m
4 Arsenal £166.4m £180.4m £192m £200.5m
5 Liverpool £140m £144m £152m £165.6m
6 Tottenham £112m £100.4m £110.5m £121.2m
7 Everton £66m £69.3m £74.7m £83m
8 West Ham United £60m £63.9m £69.5m £79.8m
9 Stoke City £55m £60.6m £72.3m £75.9m
10 Sunderland £55m £69.5m £71m £68.3m
11 Leicester City £36.6m £48.2m £66m
12 West Bromwich £49m £65.4m £68.5m £65m
13 Southampton £47m £55.2m £59.5m £63.6m
14 Swansea City £55m £48.1m £51m £59m
15 Crystal Palace £45.7m £54.3m £55m
16 Watford £29m £41m
17 Bournemouth £25m £34m
18 Middlesbrough £34m
19 Burnley £29m £33m
20 Hull City £34m £25m


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