Edu Gaspar picks Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay to win Copa America 2015.
Copa America

Edu picks Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay to win Copa America 2015

Former Brazilian footballer Edu Gaspar has predicted three top teams to win upcoming Copa America in June-July. Edu has said that Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay are the favorites to win 2015 Copa America and Chile can be the dark horse of tournament.
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Edu Gaspar picks Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay to win Copa America 2015.

Edu Gaspar mentioned that these three teams have got attacking line-ups which makes them powerful to play best football over the years.
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In any football tournament around the globe if these teams are participating, always be favorites to win it.

He said, “Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay will always be favourites because they have great squads, but Chile could also have something to say. They have an attacking style and have become very powerful over time.”

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In 2014 FIFA world cup these teams performed well and Edu believes that Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina will be performing good in upcoming events. He said, “The 2015 Copa América will be a great tournament to follow. At the World Cup the South American teams did very well and from what I can see these teams will continue to get better with the competition there is.”

On speaking Brazil’s 7-1 defeat in world cup 2014 semi-final, Edu Gaspar said the defeat is now past and team would be eyeing to show the world that they are in world football. Dunga will be one of the key players for Brazil in Copa America 2015.

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Edu said, “What happened at the World Cup is in the past and must stay in the past. Brazil will arrive at the Copa América with a lot of desire to win it because they will want to show what Brazil are in world football. With Dunga, there will be a more forceful style of play, including being more physical, as Dunga was as a player.”

The 2015 Copa America tournament is scheduled to play from 11 June to 4 July.


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