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FIFA to increase prize money for 2019 women’s world cup

International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) is all set to boost prize money for women’s football showpiece event 2019 world cup in France. As per latest report, FIFA’s competition committee has sent a proposal to finance department to increase the prize money for ladies world championship.

Finance department will review the proposed amount which hasn’t been disclosed yet. And if the department approves it, the competition committee will present the report to FIFA council that takes final decision.

FIFA Women's World Cup 2019 France Logo

FIFA’s former council member Moya Dodd favors to increase the amount of prize money for women’s world cup while talking to Australian Press and she asks sporting leaders to support the women game as they do for men’s event.

“Leaders in sport should not be content to sit back and let the gender pay gap get wider in absolute terms on their watch,” Moya Dodd said.

Moya wants to see FIFA’s stance on reducing the gender gap and believes that 2019 women’s France world cup tournament should get a rise of $40 million which is the same amount increased from 2014 t0 2018 men’s world cup.

United States football team received 2$ million for winning 2015 women’s world cup. And if the prize award compared to men’s event, Germany bagged $35 million in 2014 while France earned 38$ million for winning 2018 world cup in Russia.

If we look at the overall prize money comparison for both men’s and women’s previous world cups, we’ll see huge difference in overall calculation as in 2015 FIFA women world cup, total prize money was $15 million while 2018 world cup total prize value was $791 million. 2014 world cup had 576$ million. Hence there is a huge gender gap in awards as well.
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The eighth edition of FIFA women’s world cup is due to play between 7 June and 7 July next year.


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