Marta Vieira da Silva said Brazil women can perform well in 2015 FIFA world cup.
FIFA Women's World Cup

Marta says Brazil has ability to do well in 2015 FIFA world cup

Five times FIFA World Player of the year Marta Vieira da Silva has said that Brazil women’s team has got the capability to make surprise everyone in the forthcoming FIFA world cup at Canada. Marta mentioned in an interview on that brazil team is working hard to perform much better than their current status and ranking. Brazil women are at 8th position in current FIFA rankings.

Marta Vieira da Silva said Brazil women can perform well in 2015 FIFA world cup.

Marta said, “I think that we’ve got the ability to do very well, to battle it out with the heavyweights like Germany, USA, France, Sweden, Japan, Canada, England… That said, our current status doesn’t reflect that, because we’ve fallen down the Ranking.”

She also believes that it’s a perfect time for us to get in touch and perform well in upcoming tournaments. FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada is near and Olympic Games will take place in 2016, so this is the time we need to focus and improve our game.

Brazilian player said, “If we want to be compared to those past Brazil teams, we have to prove it out on the pitch.
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The World Cup is coming up, the Olympic Games are next year… it’s crunch time now.”

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While answering about how the new coach Oswaldo Alvarez, Marta said that he is working hard with us and focusing on every girl to improve her game ahead of mega event. She said, “New coach Vadao [Oswaldo Alvarez] is doing a very good job, he’s giving all the girls a chance, he’s training with the Brazil-based players every day… That’s hugely important if we want to get the best possible team together and do well at these competitions.”

Marta also said that she was disappointed after Brazil’s 7-1 defeat in 2014 FIFA world cup. But she liked the way Germany team played together and lift the cup. She agreed that it is not necessary to have superstars in your team but it really needs that players get together and play like a unit.

“Germany’s teamwork. They didn’t have just one standout player, a superstar, but their teamwork was vital in them winning the title. It shone through in all their games and it was what impressed me most,” she added.

2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup is beginning from 6th June and Brazil is in group E of tournament in which they’ll face South Korea, Spain and Costa Rica. Brazil women to play their opening match of world cup on 9 June against South Korea at Olympic Stadium.


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