Pele said Brazil should follow Germany's path to win Copa America.
Copa America

Pele: Brazil should follow Germany’s path to win Copa America

Brazil football legend Pele has suggested national team to play good football in the upcoming Copa America tournament in June-July. He advised players to play like a team the way Germany did in 2014 FIFA world cup.

Pele said Brazil should follow Germany's path to win Copa America.

He said, “We need to prepare a nice team like Germany did for the World Cup.”

Pele was surprised just like every Brazilian the way Germany defeated them in semi-final by 7-1. It was shocking result for every football fan, especially Brazilian fan. Pele said, “Of course it [the 7-1 loss to Germany] was a big surprise, what happened with the national team.”

He also mentioned that such kind of up and down comes in the game of football. Pele gave the example of Spanish team who were favorites in the beginning of Brazil world cup 2014 but they failed to reach even in the second round of tournament. Hence he believes anything can happen in the game.
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“But this is what happens with football. Spain was the best team before the World Cup and they were out in the first round. Football is a box of surprises. I hope for Brazil in the next tournament we will be OK because we have excellent players. Some of the best players in Europe are Brazilians,” Pele told Perform.

Pele has got faith in the current team players and thinks that team can win if they play altogether. Brazil is in group C of 2015 Copa America and will be facing Colombia, Peru and Venezuela in the first stage of competition.


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