ICC cricket world cup 2015 underdogs.
ICC World Cup

The Underdog Teams of 2015 Cricket World Cup

ICC cricket world cup is about to begin and predictions are on track that who will win 2015 world cup. Well we have already talked about top teams of tournament who may become world champions this time. Today we are going to tale about the underdogs of 2015 cricket world cup beginning from 14 Feb.

ICC cricket world cup 2015 underdogs.

England and Pakistan cricket teams are ate underdogs of ICC world cup and they can surprise any team in the tournament. Let’s have a look at these sides why they are the underdogs of competition.

England Cricket Team

You may be surprised to find England’s name in this list because nobody is expecting that English side can perform well in 2015 world cup. The fact is they have been facing defeats in ODI series for more than one and half years. They are not getting wins and even they are not having big names.
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Controversies are also attached with England. Just two months before of world cup their regular captain Alistair Cook had been removed and Morgan was given charge to lead the side.

After this when team comes to Australia for tri-series England captain Eoin Morgan is trapped in a controversy with a female. So the days for England cricket team are not going well. In these bad days, still something good is there for English team as they have beaten 2015 world cup defending champions India in tri-series match by a big margin with a bonus point.

Batting has been performing well for England team. Openers Moeen Ali and Ian Bell are in good touch along with middle order batsmen Morgan and Root. Bowling is always been powerful for England as Anderson, Finn, Ali and Broad. So these guys can make England team star in the world cup and they can win title for the first time in the history of tournament.

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England cricket team has played three world cup finals before in 1979, 1987 and 1992 but every time they failed to clinch the title. So we can hope that England can make everyone surprise in the upcoming ICC world cup 2015.

Pakistan Cricket Team

1992 cricket world cup champions Pakistan are the underdogs in 2015 world cup. Pakistan cricket team is not a favorite side to win this year’s title as they were favorites to win 2011 world cup where they were knocked out in the semifinal. One of the best reasons that Pakistanis are not strong candidate to win world cup as they are un-predictable team. They can score 300 in one match and the very next day you’ll find them whole team got all out in 150.

In the recent time PAK didn’t play too much cricket so they are out from the international cricket as well. But don’t underestimate 1992 world cup champions as they always bring surprise and earn win in big matches and events. Pakistan can surprise everyone in this world cup though people are not considering them as favorites. PAK head coach Waqar Younis also believes that they don’t have big pressure as they are not favorites to claim title.

Last cricket world cup playing Pakistan players Shahid Afridi, captain Misbah-ul-haq and Younis Khan will be eager to end their career with a big win and what it will be better than if they can lift the world cup for nation. Fast bowlers Irfan, Riaz, Adil can be helpful on Australia/New Zealand pitches and conditions. So Pakistan is an underdog side in ICC world cup.

What do you say about England and Pakistan; are these two underdogs or favorites to win 2015 world cup?


  1. Pakistan played a recent series with Australia and New Zealand and on 31 january also going to play another ODI series with New Zealand So Pak is in touch with Cricket. Then how you can say that In the recent time PAK didn’t play too much cricket so they are out from the international cricket as well. Pakistan is strong candidate for Cricket WOrld Cup 2015.

    • I already mention that Pakistan can surprise teams in world cup and yes with their pace bowling they can lift the cup as well. But in a recent time they didn’t play too much cricket. They faced Australia in November month in Dubai where conditions are much different than of Australia/New Zealand. And they will play only two match in New Zealand ahead of world cup. So they haven’t played too much cricket these days the way Australia, India, New Zealand, West Indies and Sri lanka are doing. 🙂

  2. i don’t think Pakistan have any chance at World Cup , they are playing without their two premium bowler(Ajmal & Umer Gul) ,even haffez is banned from bowling.so basically they don’t stand chance against top teams.On other hand England have a very good bowling unit , but their batting is weak not up to the level of other teams & they might play India in QF or Australia in SF(if they go through)
    In my opinion New Zealand are the underdog of this World Cup , Because they are the ones who can beat SA or Australia in this World Cup.They also have huge advantage with them as they are playing all their matches in their home soil.(apart from final )……

    • Vivek I think you have taken underdog term in wrong way, may you are thinking that underdogs means that teams who are not expected to win but they can surprise.

      And New Zealand is a strong candidate of this world cup along with South Africa and Australia. There three are top teams to win 2015 world cup. Pakistan and England are two teams who can surprise with their performance.

      Pakistan is always been a surprising team in world cups. England have played three world cup finals. So we can’t ignore these sides. Don’t forget Pakistan always bring fast bowlers and highly dependent on them. In 1992 Wasim Akram was surprising element, who knows we find one more bowler from Pak in world cup who play like Wasim did.

      These two sides are very un-predictable.. 🙂

      For me, this time final should be South Africa vs New Zealand/England… 😀


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